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My Breakfast Is Finished Said The Cat. What else do you have for me?


The Student Cat and A levelsĀ 

While A level and GCSE results are avidly awaited this cat continues her studies . Let us applaud her and spread her photograph around the world 

The Academic Cat Plans To Leave Home.

A few weeks ago The Academic Cat, who in reality is anything other, decided to read about The Russian Civil War.



Her antics earned a little bit of fame, however fame has gone to her head and after studying the hand luggage regulations for the airlines, could not find a reason why she could not be carried as hand luggage.


The Academic Cat Continues Her Research

Knowledge is a CATalyst to further development and lack of knowledge is CATastrophic. We are all guilty of not providing further education for our CATs. And before we go on I might mention that there are 347 words all starting with CAT, so this might be a long post. You may need to apply a CATaplasm to your forehead to cool down as something might be happening to your CATabolism.

I have been luck enough to watch this clever CAT, CATapult itself into learning and to CATch it doing reading, homework and revision . So left to its own devices, what does a cat like to read? The Russian Civil War is certainly a good read, and indeed the CAT spent a good hour sprawled out investigating this topic.

image1This however was not enough and she began to enjoy reading plays, the one that caught her eye was The Secret Rapture by David Hare.

Revising The Secret RaptureThis maybe showed that she was playing CATchup with her knowledge of theatre and last night was caught reading notes on Warhorse. And we have good reason to suspect that she is considering GCSE Drama in her later years. Drama clearly provides a CAThartic experience.

Revising The Secret Rapture StillIMG_1520

The Academic Cat Reading About The Russian Civil War


A Missing Cat in Hersham

Saw this today as we walked greyhounds at the rescue centre. Spread the word please as hopefully the cat is somewhere. It is not mine but I understand how the owners might feel. Thank you.


Is this the most ridiculous cat in the world?

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender

A Gentle Hand

Gentle Hand Copyright Chris Bushe

Gentle Hand
Copyright Chris Bushe

Painting of a Dead Bird by Vincent Van B

Vincent Van B is one of the most unique artists and British painters in the UK.

Painting of Dead Bird. Vincent Van B.

Painting of Dead Bird. Vincent Van B.

Painting of Dead Bird. Vincent Van B.

Painting of Dead Bird. Vincent Van B.

A visit to The Menagerie or maybe a Private Zoo

All days have things which were not planned, but today there were long odds against visiting a house in Croydon crowded with animals. The story goes like this. A close relative was asked to house sit and then invited us around to sit in the garden on a nice sunny day. In fact a very nice sunny day. The house though cannot be described as average. A large house on four floors, including a basement that functioned as a room.

Around 7 cats roamed the house and the environs, all that i viewed being ginger or marmalade coloured. Some friendly and some not. What our relative had not been fully briefed on was that one of the cats was pregnant. So today when the cat was missing, she went searching for it and found it plus one kitten under the duvet in an upper floor room on the top of a bunk bed. The kitten and mother were doing just fine. I am not an expert on ageing kittens but guessed that this one was around 12 hours old, looked well, did some squeaking and was feeding from mother, so all was well. Photographs below. Mother did not object to the paparazzi there.

In the actual garden there was a rabbit run with two rabbits, each allowing folks to pick them up for 10 seconds before they engaged in a kind of rodeo effort to remove themselves from your arms. All fine, until they managed to escape. Now luckily a pair of Crocodile Dundee like 11 year olds were in attendance and caught the two miscreants before they run out of or burrow out of the garden and make a rapid escape from Croydon environs. Next entertainment was the chickens in a huge run who were making desperate attempts to escape, around 6 of them and not stupid either. Lastly, there were 3 hamster cages. One contained a tiny hamster that looked more like a field mouse , and was apparently a Chinese Crested Hamster/ Russian Dwarf. Another contained a hamster without exaggeration as large as a guinea pig, and the final cage seemed to contain nothing……….worrying. All good fun on a sunny afternoon.

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