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The Academic Cat Continues Her Research

Knowledge is a CATalyst to further development and lack of knowledge is CATastrophic. We are all guilty of not providing further education for our CATs. And before we go on I might mention that there are 347 words all starting with CAT, so this might be a long post. You may need to apply a CATaplasm to your forehead to cool down as something might be happening to your CATabolism.

I have been luck enough to watch this clever CAT, CATapult itself into learning and to CATch it doing reading, homework and revision . So left to its own devices, what does a cat like to read? The Russian Civil War is certainly a good read, and indeed the CAT spent a good hour sprawled out investigating this topic.

image1This however was not enough and she began to enjoy reading plays, the one that caught her eye was The Secret Rapture by David Hare.

Revising The Secret RaptureThis maybe showed that she was playing CATchup with her knowledge of theatre and last night was caught reading notes on Warhorse. And we have good reason to suspect that she is considering GCSE Drama in her later years. Drama clearly provides a CAThartic experience.

Revising The Secret Rapture StillIMG_1520

West End Stage. Great opportunity for children

Before you wonder this is not an advert. The 11 year old has spent a week in each of the last three years doing acting/drama/singing/combat lessons at the guildhall near Barbican in London, then they all have a performance at Her Majesty’s theatre in Haymarket on a sunday evening. The quality of the teaching is superb. Just wanted to mention this. Not especially cheap but not a rip off either.

Pirates of The Curry Bean. A wonderful production by Burlington Junior School Year 6

I think we all know that there is a lot of raw talent out there, but exactly how much only gets measured when a school is brave enough to put around 90 year 6 children into a complicated production. Auditions were held and fairness played a role as the major 12 parts are played by different children each of the two nights. The scenery and props were truly brilliant and the simplicity of what was done was mesmerising. There was humour, a few forgotten lines ( but over 90 minutes hardly any), bravado, great acting, great delivery and great singing. The teachers have clearly put a lot into this production and it showed. Local residents from a home for the elderly were invited, parents, friends and importantly children in all the other classes.  There were so many good performances that one could not , even being unbiased, pick any special one because they all were. the audience loved the pirates, loved the dancers, laughed at the jokes. A few photographs just to remind us what a great evening it was.

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