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The Best Way to spill Coffee


London City Airport. Has the love affair ended?

LCY is a very convenient airport and in general terms functions well. I came across it by chance a few months ago and have used it as often as possible as it frankly beats travelling and experiencing the hell that is Heathrow.  That was until something went wrong.  When things run smoothly then all is well but when something goes wrong in a small airport then how does it cope. LCY is a small airport. There are no lounges and or anything luxurious. A huge open space that subdivides ino a few eating and drinking areas. Last thursday things went wrong. Having arrived early and spent 2 hours there it was a happy occurrence to then find out from the departures screen ( no announcements of this happy event) that my flight to Edinburgh was cancelled long with the last of the day. No reasons given.

At that stage one discovered that two plane loads of folks, perhaps 250 maybe more, were queuing at the ticket desk which had two people working. British Airways no doubt would have employed good souls but to be placed at the back of this queue meant that I did a quick estimation that even if each customer was sorted in 5 minutes ( new flight/complaints/hotel for the night etc), I might be there for hours and in fact very many hours.  Possibly all night even. so here is a situation that does not work in a small airport. This is a shame as I shall now think twice before using a small airport again ,  maybe the larger airports would have more staff, more flights, and a speedier resolution.

So a few photos as momentos . The queue snaked around and around and in fact like a giant conga twined itself through the 2 cafe’s in the airport.

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British Airways Build Planes with Apartments on top

The rumour is either that BA has so many delays that hotels are becoming expensive, or that increasing levels of luxury are being demanded from the expensively suited folks who travel in the various upper this, or executive that classes. Either way it came a no shock to see a BA plane with a small aprtment block built on the top for such reasons.

a splendid idea in fact.

lcy 34

Evening at London city Airport

lcy 3tLondon city airport is in the heart of docklands and the views are impressive both when landing and when landed.  On this autumnal evening the light was shining kindly for my i-phone to snap an air France plane waiting at the gate.

Kettering Football Club . The demise and the fossilised frog

Kettering a few years ago were a thriving club which is featured on my football grounds website  a club seemingly destined for the football league. The town itself was large enough to host a conferemce and league club. Since then the demise has been rapid. Today Sept 7th 2013 it is possible that the club has played its last game ever.  This photo was posted today by a fan who found a fossilsed frog on the terracing. I hope this does not happen and would like in my small way to support the club by way of this blog.

What is said there is this:

The Club learned today that Kettering Town F C Management Limited was wound up in the Royal Courts of Justice by virtue of the Winding Up Order brought about by Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited. The Club’s lawyers had requested another adjournment of this case today.

The facts of this matter as we see it are as follows:

In April,prior to the takeover, the club was issued with a statutory demand by Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited. An amount of £58,000 was demanded. The then club owner did not take legal action against the order.

Both prior to, and post takeover, the new owner was in contact with Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited .The club disputed the amount owed as it had been prohibited from accessing Nene Park from mid December 2012.

Despite this we had verbally agreed a settlement figure of £50,000 with Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited.

Legal paper work was drawn up and presented to Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited in July. From July 17th until 31st August, Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited’s lawyers failed to respond to our lawyers request for information.

On the 1st September 2013 (yesterday) Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited requested that Kettering Town FC agree to cover the business rates for the period after Rushden and Diamonds 2008 limited repossessed the stadium.

A total amount of £70,000 was demanded. Kettering Town FC refused this demand.

In the courts today the legality of what was, or was not due, was not debated.

Kettering Town F C Management Limited has sought details of the statutory demand on several occasions, as it is the basis of the winding up petition.Rushden and Diamonds 2008 Limited have never provided these details.

Kettering Town will look to challenge the order made by making an application for a Rescission Order in the next seven days which would overturn the winding up order.

The current management team would like to thank our fans for their support and assure them that everything possible has been done, and will be done, to ensure the survival of this historic club.

In the meantime, tomorrow’s game at Dunstable and Saturday’s home game against Aylesbury United have been sanctioned to go ahead by the Southern League, and the Team Management and players are preparing for these two games.


Fossilised Frog watching Kettering FC

Fossilised Frog watching Kettering FC

How can you help?

We have been overwhelmed by offers of help this week and wish to thank everyone who has approached the club and the Supporters Trust via Twitter, phone and email.

It is going to be impossible to thank everyone individually but thank you to you all, collectively, and as a Club we want to make sure that any donations of offers of money are used solely for a fighting fund for our current situation – namely to pay off the creditor and the legal costs involved in appealing the winding up.

How can you help?

There are currently four ways that you can help Kettering Town F C at this time:


Make a donation to our just giving page where the  target is £20000


or alternatively on




Come to Saturday’s home game against Aylesbury United at Latimer Park kick-off 3pm. We hope this will not be the last home league game ever…. See for more details in the ‘next match information’ section.

Non League day gives a special offer of £5 entry fee for any season ticket holder for teams in the Premiership,Championship and Football League


Make a donation direct to the Kettering Town Poppies Supporters Trust.

Bank details: Sort Code 30-94-68 Account number 00306003.


Come to the Trust organized fundraising game on Thursday 12thSeptember at Latimer Park: Kettering Town v Burton Park Wanderers – kick off 7.45pm

Entry by ticket and a £10 donation to the Trust, with opportunity to donate more on entry.

Strictly 1300 tickets only

Ticket sale points and times will be advertised and will be available to buy at this Saturday’s game.

 Kettering used to play in Kettering but of late have been playing at the old ground of Rushden and Diamonds, Nene Park.  Below are photos of the old ground 


Kettering Football Club. Photos of the old ground. Posterity

These and more are hosted on my website


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