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London City Airport on balance is not too shabby but food is Uber expensive

Travelling regularly I now often try to use City airport rather than Heathrow. It is a small airport on the Docklands Light Railway and when full is a little uncomfortable. However travel times through the airport seem quicker, although fog can cause more chaos than at larger airports. The one aspect I do not like though are the incredible prices for food. This is an airport not a gourmet restaurant. Meals are effectively eaten in the corridors. Despite this main courses rise to £30 for quite mediocre type dishes. Not reasonable, not fair, not worth it.


Evening at London city Airport

lcy 3tLondon city airport is in the heart of docklands and the views are impressive both when landing and when landed.  On this autumnal evening the light was shining kindly for my i-phone to snap an air France plane waiting at the gate.

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