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Brentford v Shrewsbury. October 26th. This may be a Pay what You Want Game

Brentford have had some marvellous initiatives over the last few years and encouragingly not only are the crowds starting to rise but a quick visual inspection tells you that there are far more juniors around than in years gone by. This is good news for Brentford and also for football. This week Mark Devlin tweeted that Brentford v Shrewsbury may be the next pay-what-you-want game.

Football everywhere is starting to see sense. Non-league clubs such as Hampton are allowing season ticket holders from league clubs in half price and non-league has many other similar ventures that attempt to persuade fans to watch football every saturday.

Any football fans here please forward on this post and lets try and get Brentford packed!

Yoevil V Brentford 2012-13

Yoevil V Brentford 2012-13


Turtle Farm Grand Cayman

Farming turtles is a topic that gets a lot of press and opinions that broadly can be guessed at. In Cayman news today is not surprisingly that the water at the  turtle farm contains pathogens that equally guessable can cause infections to visitors if hands do not get washed.  Having been to the turtle farm now for two successive years I can only add my very small opinion. There are plenty of sanitising posts at which one can clean hands and visitors are always encouraged to do so, both by staff and by signs.

Turtle farms will always engender opinions. Our visits however have been nothing other than pleasurable, if a little expensive. Who knows whats best?

IMG_5460 IMG_5459 Turtle


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