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The Seagulls of Brixham

Sounds like a new rock band. And do not get them mixed up with Eagulls who frankly were the worst band I have ever heard at the recent Teenage Cancer Trust, with the saving grace being their performance was free. Avoid. and to give context these comments come from someone who not only liked Sex Pistols but played their records as DJ.

Anyway the point of this post is to demonstrate the great photographic potential of these perennial and greedy birds, who have real character and look at you in the eye!

IMG_7515 IMG_7517 IMG_7517f IMG_7519 IMG_75192 Juvenile Gull

Photographs with an I Phone

Am seriously underwhelmed with the camera capacity of the I Phone. I see others do better but wonder how much post-production there must be, months maybe. There are not many times I want to take photos with the I Phone as for me it is not a real camera. But sometimes the subject matter just works and here are two examples where the photos are not too shabby. On a more positive note just look at the alcohol available in this BA lounge!

photo photobeer

Iceland. A land of Photographic opportunity.

Iceland is a place not to forget your camera. A few hours and this is what you might capture.

Ghostly Swirls IMG_5248 IMG_5262 IMG_5265 IMG_5302 IMG_5305 IMG_5306

Brentford v Shrewsbury. October 26th. This may be a Pay what You Want Game

Brentford have had some marvellous initiatives over the last few years and encouragingly not only are the crowds starting to rise but a quick visual inspection tells you that there are far more juniors around than in years gone by. This is good news for Brentford and also for football. This week Mark Devlin tweeted that Brentford v Shrewsbury may be the next pay-what-you-want game.

Football everywhere is starting to see sense. Non-league clubs such as Hampton are allowing season ticket holders from league clubs in half price and non-league has many other similar ventures that attempt to persuade fans to watch football every saturday.

Any football fans here please forward on this post and lets try and get Brentford packed!

Yoevil V Brentford 2012-13

Yoevil V Brentford 2012-13


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