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The Best Photos of 2014. Maybe.

This is the time of year that I frantically try and complete a calendar for 2015.  Here is the short list of my photos. It has been a strange photographic year really. Some memorable shots but maybe not as many as in past years so it has been relatively easy to get down to a final set of 22. all help appreciated in helping me choose the final 12.

best_1 Best_2 Best best2_1 best2 best4 best5 DPP_0001 DPP_0035 IMG_0856 IMG_1318zx IMG_1346 IMG_1589_1 IMG_1589 IMG_1617 IMG_6043 IMG_6272 IMG_6789 IMG_7904 IMG_8590 IMG_9754f IMG_75192

The Seagulls of Brixham

Sounds like a new rock band. And do not get them mixed up with Eagulls who frankly were the worst band I have ever heard at the recent Teenage Cancer Trust, with the saving grace being their performance was free. Avoid. and to give context these comments come from someone who not only liked Sex Pistols but played their records as DJ.

Anyway the point of this post is to demonstrate the great photographic potential of these perennial and greedy birds, who have real character and look at you in the eye!

IMG_7515 IMG_7517 IMG_7517f IMG_7519 IMG_75192 Juvenile Gull

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