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The Best Photos of 2014. Maybe.

This is the time of year that I frantically try and complete a calendar for 2015.  Here is the short list of my photos. It has been a strange photographic year really. Some memorable shots but maybe not as many as in past years so it has been relatively easy to get down to a final set of 22. all help appreciated in helping me choose the final 12.

best_1 Best_2 Best best2_1 best2 best4 best5 DPP_0001 DPP_0035 IMG_0856 IMG_1318zx IMG_1346 IMG_1589_1 IMG_1589 IMG_1617 IMG_6043 IMG_6272 IMG_6789 IMG_7904 IMG_8590 IMG_9754f IMG_75192

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