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Turtle Farm Grand Cayman

Farming turtles is a topic that gets a lot of press and opinions that broadly can be guessed at. In Cayman news today is not surprisingly that the water at the  turtle farm contains pathogens that equally guessable can cause infections to visitors if hands do not get washed.  Having been to the turtle farm now for two successive years I can only add my very small opinion. There are plenty of sanitising posts at which one can clean hands and visitors are always encouraged to do so, both by staff and by signs.

Turtle farms will always engender opinions. Our visits however have been nothing other than pleasurable, if a little expensive. Who knows whats best?

IMG_5460 IMG_5459 Turtle


Grand Cayman Turtle Farm. The debate – a great place to go and no-one forces turtle burgers to be eaten

There is an inherent danger in listening to people. People have differing and sometimes odd views on any topic. Our plan to go to the Turtle farm was challenged when we heard rumours that visitors were almost forcibly encouraged to eat Turtle burgers ( they are on the menu here), that there was rampant cruelty to turtles and that it would cost 50$ each ( presumably in Cayman Dollars, so US Dollars 60$).

Over a large and some might say excessive breakfast, we decided to go as we have the hire car ( and they are not cheap) and we would take a chance. We were right. The turtle farm is a great place to go. No-one cared if we went anywhere near a restaurant there, the total price for 2 adults and a child was 92$ US ( and that trust me is cheap for Cayman Islands and is about the cost to watch a Brentford home game) and we saw nothing to worry us at all regarding turtle management. What we did see however was amazing.

A huge lagoon with depths and shallows was nicely set up with various land areas to allow swimmers, with snorkels and masks ( free by the way) to swim around if we wished from 11 am to 2.30pm. One swims with turtles and loads of fish. The turtles swim close to you. My worrying finding was that turtles swim faster than me. So my chances for Rio Olympics have gone, but maybe those for the turtles remains. This was the best 2 and1/2 hours of my holiday. Then there were education centres, pools where the turtles could be watched and handled.

Lastly if you plan to go this is the only place on Grand Cayman that asks for Photo ID when using a credit card. An unusual but occasional occurrence abroad. For some unspecified reason using an American Express card gave a 20% discount. So a positive plug for Amex


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