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Things that should not be grown in December in England

Although not exactly a farmer it is still challenging to grow things in a small garden a few yards from the A3 and in the inclement weather that the UK provides. But I must report some success. Some potatoes harvested today planted a few months back that claimed to be ready for xmas. Daffodils also made an early apprearance, not sure where from but purchased in the Co-op in New Malden for £2.

It was deemed by the head chef and main servant in the household that these were too good to put inot the oven tonight so will be eaten and relished tomorrow with some other more appropriate fare.


December Potatoes from the field of New Malden

Hungry for Potatoes?

Potatoes and Daffodils in December. It is not right in UK!

Brentford 2 Hartlepool 1

At last something to make the football part of the brain feel better. Last week Brentford against Wrexham were shameful frankly. Hence I refused to go to Barnet making my personal and quiet protest. Today was different. For 80 minutes this was a real 0-0 game and then suddently the last 10 minutes exploded making one wonder why this might not have happened in the first 10 minutes. Brentford got a lucky goal in that a decent lob should have been caught by the keeper but it seemed to drift over his head and into the net. 30 seconds later Hartlepool equlaised with a low shot from outside the box that maybe the keeper was slow going down to, but i would like to see that again. then another 30 seconds later a penalty for Brentford which Gary Alexander took, not a great penalty, was saved but the rebound came back to him and he pushed it into the net for 2-1. but this 10 minutes was frantic end to end stuff and more than made up the preceeding 80 minutes.

The Bill Axbey stand at Brentford where I am proud to have 4 season tickets

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