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Spiders in New Malden

Our garden is an eco-system, well thats the opinion of the teacher at our daughter’s school and in fact applies to all the form who have a garden. Thinking about it we have foxes, bees, hedgehogs and numerous other invaders and visitors.  Compost is  made and goes on the soil, an oak tree grown from an acorn from Wisley Gardens, apple tree and so on. Anyway whilst photographing this melee of activity today ( whose homework is it?) I met some large and curious spiders. The garden spider is alive and well in New Malden. What however is interesting and there may be a simple reason, is why hardly any of these exist at  Wisley RHS gardens? any clues?

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Garden Spider by chris Bushe

Would the Redcurrant plant please start talking to the courgette plant?

Planting things in the garden is always an interesting thing to do. Some things survive, some dont, and one never knows exactly why. For the last few years we have had an everlasting strawberry plant that has lived outside through some quite tough winters and each year produces fruit. About two months ago a courgette plant came home from school with the 11-year old who had taken a fancy to gardening club there each thursday. the plant was duly planted in the only free space in a sort of light the touchpaper and stand back. I have no idea what courgette plants like. In fact this plant has been producing whole crops of courgettes, maybe 10-15 separate items already and shows no signs of stopping. The leaves are truly massive and I would caution against having more than one plant. anyway courgettes have been harvested and eaten. Delicious . Now for the potatoes. They are due soon from the everlasting black bin bag filled with soil. The redcurrant plant seems to have retired for the winter with a total produce of one small bunch of redcurrants. Maybe it can have a word with the courgette plant when I am not looking?



The Farmer provides local homegrown produce

It is all rather silly really but we do try and grow a few things in the garden and are spectacularly pleased when this proves successful. We have a Strawberry plant which gives fruit each year and we do battle with the squirrels to get the fruit before they do, a Redcurrant tree/bush which for some bizarre reason has provided one string of reducrrants this year and some potato sacks. Today we picked our potatoes and there was a nice crop. Furthermore they tasted delicious. So although there is no chance of us going into competition with Tesco, it is a little bit of fun and we can eat the rewards! The real problem we have comes from the squirrels but also I suspect the urban foxes of which we have many culprits.

Potato Crop 2012

50% of the potato and farming fraternity


Things that should not be grown in December in England

Although not exactly a farmer it is still challenging to grow things in a small garden a few yards from the A3 and in the inclement weather that the UK provides. But I must report some success. Some potatoes harvested today planted a few months back that claimed to be ready for xmas. Daffodils also made an early apprearance, not sure where from but purchased in the Co-op in New Malden for £2.

It was deemed by the head chef and main servant in the household that these were too good to put inot the oven tonight so will be eaten and relished tomorrow with some other more appropriate fare.


December Potatoes from the field of New Malden

Hungry for Potatoes?

Potatoes and Daffodils in December. It is not right in UK!


Today we officially became the Farmer Bushe family and ate the 6 potatoes we have grown. Looks like there may be some more coming but the thousand promised when we bought the seedlings do not seem to have materialised. Tasted lovely though.
Hedgepig had a full clean today and whole cage renovated. He is a pain always spilling his water. Smells a little less though.
Not much other news really. Brentford have signed league one,s top scorer last season, so looks like they mean business this year.
Elena was dissapointed this morning. Postman delivered envelope addressed to her looking like an inteesting little package. Sadly for her, happily for me, when opened it contained the 4 season tickets!! In their inimitable manner of always getting things wrong, Brentford have decided that the 2 adult season tickets are Alice Haynes and Elena Bushe…………HMMM.
Sorry missed your call, try again and let me know if a number materialises that I can call

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