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Copenhagen Animal Competition. Any idea what animal made these paw prints in the snow?

After a freezing night in Copenhagen where the outside temperature was minus 8 degrees, I awoke in my hotel to see out of the window some animal paw prints on the roof of the kitchen below, so roughly first storey level of a UK house. Any ideas what animal it was walking around in the night but not for long it seems? My initial thought was Urban Fox but I have no idea if these are prevalent in Copenhagen. Other options include cat or presumably stray dog.

Copenhagen Paw prints

Copenhagen Paw prints

Copenhagen Paw prints

Copenhagen Paw prints

The Farmer provides local homegrown produce

It is all rather silly really but we do try and grow a few things in the garden and are spectacularly pleased when this proves successful. We have a Strawberry plant which gives fruit each year and we do battle with the squirrels to get the fruit before they do, a Redcurrant tree/bush which for some bizarre reason has provided one string of reducrrants this year and some potato sacks. Today we picked our potatoes and there was a nice crop. Furthermore they tasted delicious. So although there is no chance of us going into competition with Tesco, it is a little bit of fun and we can eat the rewards! The real problem we have comes from the squirrels but also I suspect the urban foxes of which we have many culprits.

Potato Crop 2012

50% of the potato and farming fraternity


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