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Few more photos from yesterday. As can be seen a grey day and little real plant life of interest. However this is winter!

Apple Trres in Winter


Wisley River


Painting of an old bench at Wisley

Wisley RHS Gardens Surrey

A grey sort of day with little to do, so a walk was in order at Wisley. Not many flowers and plants to report but I did learn something about Geese who seemingly have broken wings. We used to see an Egyptian goose at Painshill park for 3-4 years who had what we thought was a deformed wing but it seems this is called ” angel wing or aeroplane wing”. they are born with this, cannot fly but survive about the same as normal geese.  A little poster in a Hide at Wisley taught me this! Our Egyptian Goose was named Mangle by my son, who had little interest in the biology of ducks.

Wisley is actually a great place for a walk, no-one has to be an expert on plants to enjoy the scenery there, though a fair amount of puffing and huffing and pontificating does go on.

An Egyptian goose with normal wings


Mangle. The goose with Angel Wing it seems


Angel wing Defined

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