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Barnet Seem Very Upset With Brentford

Have just seen this posted by Barnet a few hours ago. I have not followed this story in detail but they are making a few allegations in here. Both regarding the Watkins incident and the ticket allocation. It will be interesting to hear the response from Brentford.


Meanwhile Barnet drew 3-3 with Carshalton yesterday and were fortunate to get a replay being overrun in the second half.


Carshalton 3 Barnet 3 FA Trophy 2019


Brentford 2 Hartlepool 1

At last something to make the football part of the brain feel better. Last week Brentford against Wrexham were shameful frankly. Hence I refused to go to Barnet making my personal and quiet protest. Today was different. For 80 minutes this was a real 0-0 game and then suddently the last 10 minutes exploded making one wonder why this might not have happened in the first 10 minutes. Brentford got a lucky goal in that a decent lob should have been caught by the keeper but it seemed to drift over his head and into the net. 30 seconds later Hartlepool equlaised with a low shot from outside the box that maybe the keeper was slow going down to, but i would like to see that again. then another 30 seconds later a penalty for Brentford which Gary Alexander took, not a great penalty, was saved but the rebound came back to him and he pushed it into the net for 2-1. but this 10 minutes was frantic end to end stuff and more than made up the preceeding 80 minutes.

The Bill Axbey stand at Brentford where I am proud to have 4 season tickets

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