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Brentford 1 Basingstoke 0

There was little real evidence of the maigic of the FA cup today at Griffin Park. a slightly better crowd than expected due to the 1pm kick off and the mild reduction in admission prices to £15 of 3553. Brentford started well and fully deserved their opening goal from sam saunders, a free kick from 5 yards outside the box. but that then led to a decline in both effort and quality, and being honest Bees looked like they were shepherding a 1-0 victory for 80 minutes. good game? not really. Did basingstoke deserve a draw? yes. Only Diardouraga and saunders can really claim any credit. Grella failed to give a clue as to how he scored 4 goals midweek and was woeful at times. Still, Bees are in the second round of the FA cup and thats only a game away from Chelsea, Man utd etc……

finally, a third win on the trot for Walton and Hersham, away at Croydon Athletic 3-2.  A great run.

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