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Embraer 190 SR

A pleasure to travel on this aircraft  today from London City Airport to Glasgow. What actually struck me was that the legroom if you sat in seats 2 C and D was phenomenal. They literally were missing a row of seats. This had another benefit, that the trolley that normally wrecked havoc as it went up the aisle with passengers coming down the aisle, could be parked in there, allowing folks to skip happily into the toilet. The two rules of flying that cannot be broken are that firstly one should carry every item from the household onto the plane and secondly that all passengers must visit the toilet at least once.

What however I did not know was that the aircraft series has been in production since 2002, and 908 have been delivered. They seat between 94 and 114 . My one today seated 98 according to British Airways.

There is however a little safety information to digest according to Wikipaedia.

Diary of a Wimpy kid. Parents do not be alarmed. This film is great

With some sort of trepidation the 11 year old asked and I agreed to go and see a film. Having searched it seemed there were 3 options and the Wimpy kid was the deemed choice. Cue great concern. This did not sound like something that would entertain me on a friday evening. In reality this was such a funny film that I would watch it again, OK not today, but certainly when the video version comes along in a few months. The script was witty with a few jokes that went above the heads of the mainly young and pre-teenagers watching. The story was quasi believable . This was the first day of release and the cinema was far from empty. The acting was also rather good. The teenegaer playing the lead role had it just right like a clumsy adolescent. Zachary Gordon one suspects will go on to a decent acting career. To describe the film? There are elements of Chevy Chase style humour, Rat Race springs to mind, but with a few serious messages in there and a laugh at maybe many families out there who have their quirks. Peyton List was not too shabby either as the crush object for the guy and the father was almost believeable too, Steve Zahn

I would recommend this film and for a parent it is not too painful an experience. When can i watch it again? I apologise for the I- Phone photo. Real camera was at home sleeping…….

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Heathrow to Slovenia

For some unfathomable reason I have done little travelling this year such that this mornings early morning visitation to Heathrow reminded me what a shocking place it is. Crowded, with people pushing aimlessly, expensive and generally not a good place. However thanks to Lufthansa and Adria Airways I reached Slovenia mid-afternoon and on time.

I was taken to Lake Bled for lunch which is potentially a tourist spot about 45 km from Ljubjana  and had a nice large schnitzel by the lake. The thing that strikes one immediately about Slovenia is that it is calm and the people seem happy. They also seem remarkably young compared with New Malden.

This evening however is work as I set about distilling 110 slides into a sensible 45 minute talk on Adult ADHD for tomorrow.

The river that runs through Ljubjana

Brentford 2 Rochdale 0

The best that can be truthfully said for this game was that at least Brentford got 3 points. The game was played on a warm sunny afternoon and other than a superb headed goal 5 minutes from time from Clayton Donaldson, there was little or nothing to admire.

I don’t like criticising other football teams but Rochdale were poor. They were poor in the effort they applied, poor in their technical skills and in fact were the worst footballing side I have seen this season. I lost count of the misplaced passes and shots that went over the stadium roof or straight out of play. The only player who could defend Marcus Holness, went off injured in the second half and had a most peculiar hairstyle , like a sort of gothic cockerel. Nil Points for style. In fact I would be amazed if they escape relegation.

Neither midfield did much all game. In fact there was more movement in the respective technical areas from Uwe Rosler and John Coleman than from their respective teams. This was really a dreadful game of football and one hopes that few neutrals were in attendance. To make matters worse Adam Forshaw went off injured with what he reported on Twitter was a fractured jaw. End of the season for him. Jake Bidwell had another excellent game and one hopes we can sign him.

Uwe Rosler did not announce today that he had a master plan, recent ones include giving 2 goals away to Sheff United and Orient respectively, and blaming Crawley Town for a Brentford loss…..I guess the team was our best team out there. No-one played badly. Richard Lee did not have a save to make all game. The only on target effort from Rochdale was in fact the probable elbow that broke Adam Forshaw’s jaw.

So three points were nice, the cheeseburger at Macdonalds was nice, there was somewhere to park and it was warm. So why grumble. The season for Brentford is clearly over. Surely we cannot get relegated from this position of 50 points, no chance of promotion. Some nondescript games coming along.

Clinton Morrison made his debut for the last 10 minutes and for me contributed to the goal with his movement off the ball. So we honour him with an I phone photo.

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