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The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars is a wonderful film on many levels. The acting is superb, as is the casting as is the music.  The use of a narrator helps the story flow. As most people know the story relates to cancer in young people.  The film is undoubtedly sad however oddly very funny as well. Go and see it. I am not going to spoil the story by telling you what happens but suffice to say a fast moving film that never dwells on any single part, issue or character for long. This story could happen and to that extent is a real story. The music provides a great background and is thoughtfully chosen with a minor complaint. What happened to the song by Birdy T-shirt? A great song and although on the playlist seems to have fallen off the film somewhere. Wrong decision. Not everyone agrees with me. I am a fan of  The Economist but cannot agree with their view that the film is ” too sweet and self-absorbed”. Cancer if you have it is very self-absorbing. It certainly absorbed me when I had Malignant Melanoma a few years ago and after my treatment a letter arrives telling me my percentage change of surviving the next 7 years.


On the other hand I agree entirely with the views from the BBC, not always the case


This is cancer and this is real and this can happen. For background information visit the website for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Until I saw Suede at the Royal Albert Hall in March 2014 in one of the sponsored concerts for Teenage Cancer Trust, I had no real knowledge of this issue, problem nor solutions. Just had not thought about it. Cancer is a sad illness with often a sad ending but when this happens in young people just embarking on their lives this makes it worse. At a minimum their lives are interrupted and at worst finished far too early.  The work of the Teenage Cancer Trust is impressive and although individuals like Stephen Sutton MBE are very visible there are many thousands not only of patients but helpers and supporters that remain less visible. If this film does achieve something, it will be that it makes teenage cancer something that people talk about, consider and perhaps try and prevent or cure.


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Diary of a Wimpy kid. Parents do not be alarmed. This film is great

With some sort of trepidation the 11 year old asked and I agreed to go and see a film. Having searched it seemed there were 3 options and the Wimpy kid was the deemed choice. Cue great concern. This did not sound like something that would entertain me on a friday evening. In reality this was such a funny film that I would watch it again, OK not today, but certainly when the video version comes along in a few months. The script was witty with a few jokes that went above the heads of the mainly young and pre-teenagers watching. The story was quasi believable . This was the first day of release and the cinema was far from empty. The acting was also rather good. The teenegaer playing the lead role had it just right like a clumsy adolescent. Zachary Gordon one suspects will go on to a decent acting career. To describe the film? There are elements of Chevy Chase style humour, Rat Race springs to mind, but with a few serious messages in there and a laugh at maybe many families out there who have their quirks. Peyton List was not too shabby either as the crush object for the guy and the father was almost believeable too, Steve Zahn

I would recommend this film and for a parent it is not too painful an experience. When can i watch it again? I apologise for the I- Phone photo. Real camera was at home sleeping…….

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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