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Clacton in Essex

Clacton is a place I visit once a year. Around 120 miles from IMG_9411 IMG_9416 IMG_9421 IMG_9422London. ImageImageImageIf Iam lucky the sun shines, there is no rain and the few hours I am there I can spend walking the promenade and eating chips on the pier. Today I had maybe more than a few hours and the cracks are starting to show in this quintessential seaside town. Firstly there are few people around, secondly those people had a median age of maybe 70 years and lastly places are starting to close down. Gone is the Comfort hotel. Closed was the restaurant at the end of the pier ( it will open but last year was open this time). The wooden pier looked not only ramshackle but in parts unsafe. Some of the cracks between the wooden planks were maybe a touch too large, and should the planks have moved as much as they did?

For 5£ Sausages and chips were mine, although the interpretation of the server as to what constiuted a ” little milk” in my tea did not match my own view. The day was cold, sunny and hazy. The wind farms could not be seen out at sea. The shops all looked a little jaded. I enjoyed my day but would I go back in the summer? Probably not.

A few things did stand out though. The Graffiti was good!Image

Clacton On Sea

I cannot recall ever have gone here before other than a brief trip 5 years ago but today this was my work trip. Driving into Clacton it strikes you immediately that this is an old persons town. The WestCliff theatre, that sits nowhere near either the west nor a cliff advertises bands such as Hermans Hermits ( whom I thought actually were all dead), and the average age of the street folks is in the 70’s. But it has a nice feel to it. Perhaps surprising is the number of school age children around on a schoolday. Either in the amusement arcades with parents I should add or on the beach. Why are they not at school? Social workers would have a field day here.  The morning weather was not too bad, sunny and cloudy each in turn but in the afternoon the rain just came down. Lunch was taken in a cafe at the end of the pier, which seemed almost a replica of Bourenemouth pier. Very nice sausage and chips, cheap too. The sea was rough but not terribly so, the beach was kind of inviting.

I came away thinking that I could happily cope with a summer day here on the beach and the pier, the cost of buying a wristband for unlimited rides on the pier a mere £14.  I think i like Clacton On Sea. I would really like to get closer to the windfarms, they fascinate me.

I have called this photo the Black Sea


And why not at school?


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