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Views From The Press Box at Colchester Football Club


A Day out at Colchester Football Club. A Lesson for many clubs who want to learn how to treat their fans

Colchester have to be one of the most friendly clubs in the lower leagues. their season is not going well. Currently sitting bottom of league 1 and seemingly destined to be visiting league 2 grounds next season. But despite this the fans were cheerful, friendly and carrried on supporting their team until the 90th minute even when losing at home 4-1 to Swindon.

These photos give some flavour to a thoroughly enjoyable day. You see friendly media folks busy at work, friendly stewards smiling,  the referee and officials having a good chat with some younger fans pre-game. Raises plenty of questions for me, why exactly can this not happen at any game?

The photos of the Press box remove the illusion that reporters and commentators sit in some luxury palace, far from it. The wind was howling even when the fans were not. The Swindon fans were here to have a good time and were nosiy from the start, a decent number in a smallish crowd.



Colchester fans look on concerned



Press Box Colchester FC



Swindon fans had lots to say



Colchester Stewards were among the best and most cheerful in League 1


Referee and Officials talking to the Crowd before the game



Michael Doughty Scores his Second goal

Clacton in Essex

Clacton is a place I visit once a year. Around 120 miles from IMG_9411 IMG_9416 IMG_9421 IMG_9422London. ImageImageImageIf Iam lucky the sun shines, there is no rain and the few hours I am there I can spend walking the promenade and eating chips on the pier. Today I had maybe more than a few hours and the cracks are starting to show in this quintessential seaside town. Firstly there are few people around, secondly those people had a median age of maybe 70 years and lastly places are starting to close down. Gone is the Comfort hotel. Closed was the restaurant at the end of the pier ( it will open but last year was open this time). The wooden pier looked not only ramshackle but in parts unsafe. Some of the cracks between the wooden planks were maybe a touch too large, and should the planks have moved as much as they did?

For 5£ Sausages and chips were mine, although the interpretation of the server as to what constiuted a ” little milk” in my tea did not match my own view. The day was cold, sunny and hazy. The wind farms could not be seen out at sea. The shops all looked a little jaded. I enjoyed my day but would I go back in the summer? Probably not.

A few things did stand out though. The Graffiti was good!Image

Carshalton 0 Canvey Island 2. Ryman Premier

On a damp day 208 souls turned up to watch an entertaining game which until Canvey scored their second goal could have gone any way. Carshalton are currently bottom of the league and the second goal deflated them as did the sending off of one their players for a rash and bad tackle. the first half saw Canvey score in the 3rd minute and by half time Carshalton should have at least equalised , missing 3 relatively easy chances. But a good game with good banter from the crowd. For the remainder of the season? Carshalton will struggle. their defence was not solid and they did not take chances in front of goal, but their effort levels were high and a run of decent results could get them out of trouble. The run needs to start soon. Canvey looked a strong and solid side who will be in the top half of the table. Carshalton also do an excellent burger and Chips. Thanks to Parcelforce however there were no programmes today.


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