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A few thoughts on a few hours in Madrid

I have posted a few articles this year on Madrid. A great city but a warm one. Recently I had a few hours to myself to walk around and that goes quickly in Madrid. Who cares where I walked but it was on the edge of Gran Via.

IMG_4299A few things struck me:

  1. This is a seriously hot city. Temperatures that day were a medium 30c at maximum but it felt hotter, what we call dry heat. In the summer I am told 45c is not unusual. Now that is too hot to be walking aroundFullSizeRender-5
  2. Prices for ice creams are a disgrace. In general Spain is not an expensive city at all, in fact relatively cheap, but to be asked for 3.20 euros for an ice cream cone is criminal.
  3. Everyone still seems to smoke here. This is not backed up in the official statistics of course, but just take a walk and take a look. FullSizeRender-6
  4. Spanish food is curious frankly. They never seem to want to heat it up properly and seem to regularly recycle in buffets food that maybe in UK would have been removed. IMG_4322
  5. The people generally are smiling. People are talking to each other. They tried talking to me, as most think I am Spanish, but at a conversation speed that appraoches the speed of re-entry into the Earth atmosphere.
  6. I like the city, the country and mostly the people.
  7. There is no word in the spanish language for Queue. This does not happen. They are not being rude ( well maybe they are) but people do not queue. Not anywhere. Old ladies are the most dangerous species with their bags and coats at strange angles and heading directly towards where they want to get to. If they knock you then so be it ( its your fault of course, not theirs),
  8. Lastly there is a reason why the abbreviation for Madrid Barajas airport is MAD. A really confusing and complex airport. Do allow time there to negotiate your way through.


When can I go back please? But dont mention the football. Euro 2016.




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2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on a few hours in Madrid

  1. Lol, I enjoyed reading your funny yet intriguing description of Madrid. I lived there for two years! I love that city. Yes the people are friendly, Yes it gets really HOT in the summer. This is why you never visit in the summer haha, it’s basically an apocalypse in July. and Yes the Abuelas (Old woman) are dangerous, in other words they rule the city. I don’t know where you found 3 euros for ice cream? I never pay past 2 euros?

  2. I enjoyed your funny yet intriguing post on Madrid! I lived there for 2 years and I love that city. YES the people are friendly. YES it’s hot especially in the Summer that’s why you never visit in the peak of the summer, the locals basically flee. Madrid is an apocalypse between July- September. The abuelas (Old ladies) are dangerous, in other words they rule the city if not the entire country, lol.
    In regards to the ice cream, I don’t know where you bought ice cream for 3 euros, it must be some unicorn magic but I never pay past 1.8euros at worst 2 euros lol

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