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The Day Of Democracy. UK Leaves EU

The people have voted as is their right and have voted to Leave.  A few thoughts this morning as I saw the results for the first time. The contrast is the doom and gloom merchants, who may be right but also may be wrong. We really do not know the effects this will have on UK, Gibraltar and Spain, Football, sport in general. Lets hope it is the correct decision. Whereas the overall vote is 52% v 48%, in Gibraltar it was 94% v 6%.

The reality is that despite anyone’s personal views we live in a democracy and that’s presumably what we want. The democratic view is that we want to leave. So we live and respect that. Questions to be asked include should 52 vs 48 % be enough to invoke a decision like this?
No one knows what will actually happen. So the doom and gloom are based on worries and not facts.
What this does tell the country is that previous governments have not listened and certainly not acted on the concerns of the people. Now the people have been asked and we have their decision.
I do not know personally if this is a good or a bad thing and suspect it may take 5 years to answer



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