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The Best Photos of 2014. Maybe.

This is the time of year that I frantically try and complete a calendar for 2015.  Here is the short list of my photos. It has been a strange photographic year really. Some memorable shots but maybe not as many as in past years so it has been relatively easy to get down to a final set of 22. all help appreciated in helping me choose the final 12.


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A Shadow That Is Wearing Shoes

An unusual and unintended photo taken in Madrid. The shoes appear to be part of the shadow.

Shoes on a shadow

A shadow that is wearing shoes

Muhammad Ali. Some Photos. A Memory

As thousand prepare for his funeral in Louisville. A few photos from photographs shown in the VIP lounge at Madrid Airport Barajas. For me these capture the man perfectly. There is no reason to repeat what has already been said and written more eloquently but I will share a quote from Barack Obama that maybe says it all.

“This week we lost an icon. A person who for African Americans, I think, liberated their minds in recognising that they could be proud of who they were.”



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