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A Shadow That Is Wearing Shoes

An unusual and unintended photo taken in Madrid. The shoes appear to be part of the shadow.

Shoes on a shadow

A shadow that is wearing shoes

Frankfurt is a curious place

The first thing that seems unusual was the postbox inviting love letters only. What kind of people live here? The second thing was the selection of items for sale at the airport. Now to give context the area where the items were for sale were only for flights to either Moscow or London. The massive selection of flip flops was an interesting item for sale with no evidence of any takers. The food selection was just wrong. Finally, why would anyone, in Frankfurt or anywhere else for that matter buy these snow domes? Surely no-one hates someone enough to buy them one or even two?

IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0815 IMG_0816 IMG_0817

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