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The Bottom Potato

Some vegetables look ridiculous and some look even more so! Enjoy this humble little potato


The Bottom Potato

Woking Football club at Kingfield Stadium


Graffiti Art in Peterborough

Tunnel near football ground


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Amazing Graffiti in Merton

In an alleyway just down from where the old Nelson hospital car park was sited, is an amazing collection of graffiti or graffiti art. Not sure how long this has been there for but I have never noticed this before. Enjoy.

A number of questions are raised.

  1. Who paints this?
  2. Why do they do it?
  3. What else do they do?
  4. Should it be illegal?

IMG_1459IMG_1460IMG_1461IMG_1458 copyIMG_1458

Food Photos From Europe


Gothenburg Burger Max Pleasure


Chocolate Cheesecake from Gothenburg. The most delicious dessert.

An Unusual Hot Dog On The Woking Terraces


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