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Chipstead 3 Whyteleafe 2 – A Photographic Story

The first game I have seen at Chipstead on a day when little football was played due to Storm Katie. The pitch looked good and the football was end to end in a game that clearly mattered to both teams. A 3-2 victory for Chipstead was just about deserved mostly because Chipstead took their chances and a good goalkeeping display from Alex Kozakis.  Shawn Lyle was impressive for Whyteleafe who maybe might rue some dire finishing in the first half when they maybe should have taken the game. A hail storm gave parts of the game a surreal image and overall Craig Tanner will be pleased with the performance tonight. 00001958


Shawn Lyle


Alex Kozakis


A Photographic Visit to Molesey FC in Surrey


Luke Medley Goal At Carshalton. Sequence of Photos.

An excellent individual goal from Luke Medley, taking the ball almost from the half way line and scoring. Its not so often that a sequence tells the story but enjoy these.


Luke Medley


Luke Medley


Luke Medley


Luke Medley


Luke Medley


Luke Medley


Luke Medley

Woking Football club at Kingfield Stadium


Things You Only See At Non-League Football. Woking 1 V 1 Halifax

Despite the fact that Vanarama National League is a mere step below the football league is miles away in terms of its customer friendly approach. Where else might one see a lady with a dog on the terraces?

IMG_1403Where else do stewards take the word of a paying customer as to what exactly is in a bag they are carrying in? Where else do Northern football fans, well Halifax ones from Yorkshire wear shorts to football matches in the winter?

IMG_1400This and a multitude of other curious spectacles were observed at the Woking v Halifax game this weekend.

Even the ground at Woking is an eclectic mix of five very different stands/terracing. Behind one goal is a huge stand, all-seater, that dominates the ground and from the road gives the impression of a large league ground.

IMG_1394Then along side one side of the pitch are two small ancient looking stands that I am sure were there 50 years ago, looking quaint but maybe not fit for purpose really being honest. IMG_1393Normal covered terracing behind the other goal is matched with low level terracing along the other side of the pitch. It is almost as though no one can decide which decade the ground lives in nor which level of football it is fit for. A nice surprise was that there was no segregation with Woking and Halifax fans mixing freely. Banter was heard though it was difficult to make out easily much of what the Halifax fans were saying. This for me is good though. I prefer the lack of segregation which encourages a normal approach to football instead of treating each game like some kind of warfare.

The only matter of concern is that £18 seems a lot to pay for entry to any level of non-league football, especially when the entrance to Ryman level games is often around £10 or less. The worst crime though was £4 for a burger.




Carshalton 1 South Park 1. Ryman South. Photos

With all the insanity that surrounds professional football it made a nice change to watch a competitive if somewhat bad tempered affair at the lovely War Memorial Ground in Carshalton. There are ample match reports on this game so I will suffice to say that a penalty in the first 5 minutes by Carshalton was matched by an equaliser in almost the final minute. South Park also found time in the first half to have a penalty saved by the impressive Luke Colquhoun.


Here is the story of the game in photographic terms. Enjoy.


Carshalton 1 Billericay Town 0

An entertaining Ryman premier league game that saw Carshalton win their first home game of the season. the reality of the game was that in the first half Carshalton should have been at least 3-0 up and that in the second half Billericay should have scored. That they did not says much about the staunch defending from Carshalton combined with excellent usage of the substitutes. This is a young Carshalton team and they will improve.  From the photos I leave it you to count the number of impressive kung-fu moves in the penalty area and in the whole series of photos there were plenty of shirt pulling episodes, all missed by the referee and his team.  Carshalton is friendly place to watch football and the football played yesterday was actually exceptional at this standard by both teams.  Good movement off the ball, intelligent running and some decent tacking too.  Players who really impressed yesterday included Kieran Woodley, number 11 who scored a decent goal and tommy Bradford number 7 who never stopped running all afternoon.  Maybe the oddest thing though is that man of the match would have to go to the Billericay goalkeeper Billy Lumley. Great saves throughout.  Game stayed interesting right until the end when Ricky Sappleton was sent off for two yellow cards around 10 seconds before fulltime.

DPP_0003 DPP_0004 DPP_0005 DPP_0006 DPP_0012 DPP_0019 DPP_0024 DPP_0027_1 DPP_0027 DPP_0029 DPP_0035 DPP_0040 DPP_0044 DPP_0050 DPP_0054 DPP_0062 IMG_4991


A Wee Small Story from the Surrey Comet

Am glad to see that Surrey Comet have run my hideous story of the Wee Waiting room at Motspur Park! I feel proud to be part of the Surrey Papparazzi that have disseminated this story. What makes me laugh is the large photo of the reported that one might think was the Wee culprit if one read too fast the story below.  I am also a little confused as to why the photo of the chief reporter is the headline here! What he does not make clear is that not only did I take the photo and send it to him but also provide him with the full story. Curious and curiouser.

Toilet at Motspur Park Station

Toilet at Motspur Park Station

South Park 0 Met Police 3 FA cup 4thQualifying round

South Park sit high up in the combined counties league just below Ryman. Today was their chance to make it to the first round proper of the FA Cup. The reality was that they were totally outplayed by a decent Met Police team who had some very competent players, especially in defence where Jay Lovett stood out despite looking double the age of some of the younger players.

SouthPark have a small ground that is essentially a fenced off playing area, with concrete to stand on and a small 100 seater stand behind one goal. a neat ground with plenty of off road parking nearby. Nice clubhouse with nice burgers and rather oddly an ice cream van in attendance in the autumn with chilly temeperatures.

South Park almost took the lead early on with a shot that hit the post but from then on it was really Met Police’s game. They looked two divisions above in many regards but especially their defending. Despite saying all that both keepers had equal amounts of work to do but the second goal just after half time killed off the game in reality.


james wastell

New Malden man falls under train

Chaos at Waterloo station tonight around 6.30 with trains not able to stop at New Malden . The reason. Well a complicated story that I have pieced together from the Surrey Comet website and Twitter. Who knows the accuracy but here we go. It seems that on the northbound platform a man dropped his mobile phone down between train and track. He tried to retrieve it and was advised strongly by the guard that this was not the best idea, death and all that. He was told that when the train moved off it might be possible. This did not fill him with joy and he argued with the guard, maybe even punched the guard as the train began to move off and fell down between train and platform. He was airlifted to hospital by an air ambulance but it seems does not have life threatening injuries. If half of this is factually correct the moral of the story is do not risk your life for a phone but just go to Carphone Warehouse the next day. Crazy behaviour.

For me it meant that having queued to get a train at Waterloo heading to Motspur Park for 25 minutes, and then not being able to get on, and seeing the same happen on another platform, went home on the Northern line to Morden. Despite most trains being cancelled and the rest severely delayed, other than we kept being informed that this incident had happened at New Malden ( A man has been hit by a train was the rhetoric used), there were no SouthWest Train staff on the platform at all to offer either assistance nor advice. The simplest thing to do would have been to stop folks getting onto the platform. The queue was five deep and a lot of pushing from angry commuter types was going on and raised voices. I remain unimpressed. Two photos. One from Surrey Comet and the other from my I Phone showing a little of the chaos at Waterloo.

Lastly well worth going to this blog to see more photos of the New Malden adventures


And the Surrey Comet where the news hounds will sniff out more intrigue and adventure and chaos in New Malden

Platform 1. Waterloo. Around 6.30. Crowds building

Air Ambulance arrives in New Malden


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