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Good food – Bad Food? Defibrillators may be a more immediate answer. And may be free.

In a week when we have learned that red wine, 150ml/day increases our “good” cholesterol HDL, well in Diabetic patients anyway, and 150ml/day of white wine might reduce their blood sugar level, we also can read a lot about Blueberries being a super food, that will potentially also reduce cardiovascular disease. We have also seen at Copenhagen airport demonstrations of resusciation being given to children as young as 4 years who were able to follow the instructions quite simply. There is however a huge disconnect here with the major tool for heart resuscitation having been rarely available. A defibrillator. to the non-medical readers,  provides a localised electric current when applied to the chest wall, that with some good luck can start a heart rhytmn going, if the heart has stopped, or altenatively correct a “bad ” heart rhytmn that is causing the heart to have a poor output of blood.

Defibrillators are cheap. In New York one finds them alll over walls of even sma  cafes, and in UK , many years ago, Brighton football club became the first football club to have them in the ground for potential resuscitation of spectators. They are visible at some airports too like Arlands airport in Stockholm. They are cheap costing as little as 792£ online and require surprisingly little formal training from

If we take a look at the British Heart foundation website, this is what they say:

About defibrillators
DefibrillatorsA high energy electric shock, given to the heart in some types of cardiac arrest, may restore a more stable rhythm.

This is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential lifesaving step in the chain of survival.

Public access defibrillators (PADs) can be found in public spaces like your local shopping centre, gym, train station or village hall. That briefcase-sized box on the wall contains a PAD. It’s there for anyone to use on someone in cardiac arrest.

Simple to use
They are simple and safe. The machine gives clear spoken instructions. You don’t need training to use one.

Once in position, the defibrillator detects the heart’s rhythm. It won’t deliver a shock unless one is needed.

The good news is that they are becoming more widely available and many organisations can apply for one and this is how to do it:

The Department of Health has awarded us £1 million to make public access defibrillators and CPR training more widely available in communities across England.

Applications open on Thursday 1 October 2015 and close in March 2016.
The packages
There are three packages available:

A free public access defibrillator, CPR training kit and a cabinet
A free public access defibrillator and CPR training kit
A cabinet to improve accessibility to a current defibrillator

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What else is there in Brentford apart from the football club?

Brentford is a town in middlesex not really known for anything but over the last year became fairly well known in the media for their football related antics. The Warburton issue reached the media followed by the discussion over Matthew Benham and his vision of football being matched with mathematical modelling to replicate the success of his own company SmartOdds.

However what else is there in Brentford? Brentford might be regarded as the gateway to the M4 motorway, or local even to Kew Gardens. However not so many are aware that Brentford sits on the River Thames. Fewer will be aware that the Watermans Centre provides a venue for cinema and drama. Even fewer are aware that the graffiti that covers the walls of the car park in the Watermans Car Park must rate as some of the best in London.

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

IMG_1114 FullSizeRender-6

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Graffiti Brentford in the Watermans Car Park Brentford. Copyright Chris Bushe 2015

Was Brentford 2-1 Rotherham one of our most important games ever? A few thoughts and photos

This might sound ridiculous to the casual football observer and critic but this game rates up there with play off finals in order of its importance. The increasing turbulence and mutterings of discontent against the owner, manager,players and no doubt the programme sellers has been assuming absurd proportions. Last season was a one off. A group of committed players, playing well beyond their potential at times, a few good slices of luck  and importantly a relatively injury free season allowed the stars to align and Brentford to achieve an outcome almost undreamt of.

This season has been a disaster so far this is true. Some of the more worrying elements come in almost forgotten metrics such as a significantly reduced number of travelling fans, less vocal support from the home crowds and most worryingly for me, the reduced tempo and work rate that has been the norm this season. Of course the results are important but the manner of the performances are what dictates the pleasure or displeasure levels of the Brentford faithful.

What we saw yesterday was a spirited performance that maybe deserved the 3 points despite being at times the weaker side. The work rate was high and the effort cannot be faulted. The performance of Jake Bidwell was one of his best in a Brentford shirt.

There can be no doubt we were lucky to win and the neutral observer would have scored this as a draw. An exciting game played by two teams who found it difficult to defend well.

The three points are like gold dust. They give us some breathing space, introduce a winning mentality confidence and importantly consign Rotherham to at least another week below us in the relegation zone. That we are beating the weaker sides is actually very important. All the three sides we have beaten represent sides that will be in bottom 8 places come the end of the season. Relegation for Brentford would herald another difficult mountain to climb to escape League 1 and we can see how difficult that is for large clubs such as Sheffield United. However this season ends we need to end it in the Championship and one can argue that the re-building process can now resume. I personally think some of the new signings will be successful at Brentford and some will not. I also think based on yesterday that Lee Carsley is moulding a unit in his style of play, more rugged and physical than maybe we have been used to. Let us see how that works out.


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