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Iceland. Reflections on a short visit. Pingvellir

A different view of Iceland

Iceland is not a country that I have been to before but some knowledge was there regarding the banking crisis, the ash cloud and more positive reports of good nightlife and interesting places to visit. Reyjkavik is a place that cruise ships now venture to.  The first challenge was spelling Reykjavik. I failed when trying to input the city into my I Phone weather app. Thankfully the more intelligent and literary members of my family also failed similarly.  In summary this is an interesting island that maybe would be good for 3-4 days maximum. There are plenty of things to see .  The first impression as the plane comes into land is that firstly the plane flies  low for quite a while whilst out at sea and the first image of Iceland is uncannily like the introduction scene to Father Ted where one views Craggy Island. In fact did they…

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