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Street Art In Craiova Romania. Very Many Different Types

Who are the artists, and who are the subjects in the photos? An artist called A Tonila has painted many of the electrical boxes. 0000225000002258000022560000222300002245000023090000231100002308000023000000229700002274

Street Art in Craiova Romania

Craiova, Romania’s 6th largest city and capital of Dolj County, is situated near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia. The population of 300,000 makes it the same size as Iceland. It lies around 145 miles from Bucharest.

There are many things to see and do in Craiova however the street art does not mentioned in any of the official  websites.

Here are a few examples of what can be found downtown in craiova.


Electrical boxes are all beautifiully painted. 



Ends of terraced buildings are perfect places to paint street art

IMG_264000002273 copy0000231000002245

EURO 2016 . Day 5.How is it all going? Will Italy win?

  1. After 5 days of mostly pulsating football the surprise team for many is Italy who played in a very non-Italian way to fairly easily beat a very disappointing Belgium side 2-0. No surprise that Germany, Spain and France all won their opening games, but at this stage Italy look the most complete team. Spain huffed and puffed their way to a late 1-0 victory.
  2. Which teams might as well not bothered to turn up? The winner of this competition is Czech Republic, who played from the first minute for a 0-0 draw, and if they got out of their half during the whole game versus Spain then I missed it. With some of the more extraordinary hairstyles floating around their players even looked dull.
  3. Who is the best supported country? Iceland. Over 10% of their 320,000 population have travelled to France. Their reward was to create a supremely sulky Cristiano Ronaldo with a 1-1 draw against Portugal. Even more impressive when one considers that the Icelandic league only operates for 4 months a year due to the snow and ice that covers the country.
  4. What are the right clothes to bring to Euro 2016? IMG_4416IMG_4391IMG_4419
  5. Does anyone in Europe feel sorry even in the slightest for Russia? For 90 minutes this afternoon I became for the first time in my life a fervent Slovakia supporter. Tales of revolting behaviours and violence have filled the news the last few days, and their suspended sentence from UEFA is frankly not worth the paper it is written on. The reality is that it would never be put into operation. The lawyers would be rubbing their hands with glee.
  6. Should the Proclaimers have walked their 500 miles from Edinburgh where would they have got to? A random thought but actually rather interestingIMG_4399
  7. Why are the commentators and pundits in shock that if a player pulls a shirt in the penalty area a penalty is given? This is the rule. Maybe if this rule was more adhered to there would be fewer such fouls and better games? The Romania penalty in their game versus Switzerland was the perfect example.
  8. What information are the media given on their team sheets?IMG_4420
  9. France are the EURO 2016 champions of last minute goals. On balance lucky to beat Albania who looked a proper football side for 70 minutes tonight. The end of their tournament.

The Man Who Jumped Out Of A Painting In Craiova Romania. Some Of The Best Street Art

Craiova is a city around 4 hours drive from Bucharest in Romania. Some of the street art there is incredible and I will do a full article on that with photos, but here as an example we have a painting on the end of a row of buildings from which a casual passer by seems to have jumped out of the painting. Maybe he has. IMG_2640

Romania- A country to visit and be positive about

This is a country that although many people will find intetesting or at least curious few know anything about. In a pub quiz on Romania it is unlikely many could name the capital city Bucharest and even fewer the currency , the Leu. For a country of around 20 million inhabitants this can be considered surprising. Even fewer people might know geographically that Romania is bordering the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova, and geographically is the twelth largest country in Europe. Bucharest is the largest city with almost 2 million inhabitants.

1 Bucharest  1,883,425
2 Cluj 324,576
3 Timișoara 319,279 13
4 Iași 290,422
5 Constanța  283,872
6 Craiova 269,506

The last piece of history that might be relevant is that modern Romania emerged within the territories of the ancient Roman province of Dacia, and was formed in 1859 through a  union of the Danubian Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. Romania has been a member of the EU since 2007. 00002292

By default there is a certain degree of chaos that seems inherent in Romania. On arrival at the airport it is complex to fathom where exactly to go to escape . Unusually for European airports the queues at passport control , if they can be described as queues, more a random collection of people looking where to head, were long and on arrival at the passport desks passengers were met with strange inquisitive looks before being dismissed.

The country is for a Western European frighteningly cheap. It seems that there are around 4.5 Leu to the pound . Sitting at a nice outside cafe in the centre of Craiova having a nice lunch the total cost of lunch and drinks came to 105 Leu for Four people. Nice food and drinks too that included a raspberry smoothie . The currency symbol is “lei”.


Romania is not an easy country to traverse. There are few highways and even these are two lanes. So road travel may be slower than anticipated . On the positive side an app called Waze was excellent in not only providing an accurate route but also informing whenever the police might be ahead waiting. Judging by the number of police cars seen the per capita police numbers may be the highest in Europe. The police also do some curious jobs like policing closed roads when closed for resurfacing . The roads are far from perfect with plentiful potholes and craters even in main roads.


The food and drink in Romania was excellent. Very difficult to describe a style. Some restaurants advertising Tapas in fact served food about as related to Tapas as KFC. Apart from the low cost generally of food as exampled by a lovely chicken breast with tomatoes and spinach in a nice restaurant for less than £4, the nice surprise was the excellent quality of Romanian wine. Either I got lucky with a clever wine choosing host or both the white and Rose wines were superb and cheap. On a minor negative side draught beer was not easily available and when it was , Heineken was the only and thus default choice .

The Romanians are not a quick population and in fact rarely have I observed a more slowly ambulant cohort. In keeping with this service although good everywhere was never quick. So the concept if a quick meal will not easily exist here. But where they win is in terms of natural beauty and I am not sure if there is a more naturally beautiful race in Europe.

00002332.JPGIt took me maybe almost a day to notice that there were few overweight or obese Romanians.


There are of course some negatives in this beautiful country. Wiring is clearly not a strength. It is unusual to observe such painfully complicated wiring that makes one wonder about the mental health of anyone who might want to untangle even some of the wires. In Bucharest however it seems there is a project to make the city wireless. Nothing to do with Wi-Fi. Literally to bury the many thousands of miles of wires underground. This project however has not necessarily extended to Craiova the other city I visited.


Although my views of Craiova are for a separate article it is fair to comment that the graffiti art there ranks amongst the best I have seen in Europe and maybe worldwide.



Taxis are both plentiful and cheap in Romania and Dacia is a common Romanian car brand. Although I had seen Dacia cars in UK my perception was that these were Korean cars. Clearly these have progressed enormously from the communist era.


Was there anything I did not like about Romania? Not really. The country is a very raw country and to some extent ripe for exploitation from Western Industry. Parts of it reminded me of Prague before the Velvet Revolution. There are huge spaces in the country that could be filled. The airport could be improved both structurally , organisationally but most importantly with more connecting flights. There was little real choice in flights from UK. Maybe this is protective. Romania is a small country and maybe has only six cities of reference. It is not a rich country but despite that there was far less absence of overt begging than recently observed in London, Madrid and Gothenburg. Even amongst those clearly devoid of money they cleaned car windscreens at traffic lights in Bucharest. My initial unfair reaction was of annoyance but on reflection this was a fair if not semi-dangerous attempt to earn a living. I promise that the next time someone does this for me in UK and in the area I live in does have a strong Romanian population , I will give them money.

My two key takeaways are that I like Romania and its people and that I will be back . Until I do I would advocate interest and visits to this intetesting and in many ways underdeveloped country

Reflections on Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and the fifth largest in the Nordic countries. The population is around half a million and the city was founded in 1621. Gothenburg also has the largest university in Sweden with 60,000 students. Daylight cana last 18 hours in the summer and only 6.5 hours in December. When one arrives it seems a nice place with most hotels arranged around a central square with the Centraal Train Station on one side.

My impressions of  Gothenburg were rather coloured by the huge number of Eastern European immigrants begging in the square rattling their plastic cups in one’s face and trying to sell a magazine called ” Sofia ” which made me presume they were Bulgarian. They were hunting in packs and although not frightening to me, I could see that to others they could be persuaded as being so. In the evnings they were inside the train station taking up most of the chairs and seats and in the day they operated in and around the square. A head ” beggar” a large woman sat on a bench barking out orders in a language that seemed alien to me.

The city of Gothenburg portrays itself as “soft and more human” when dealing with poor EU migrants, local paper Göteborgs Posten wrote. But the situation is far from black and white.

In 2010 Gothenburg’s social services paid for 28 beggars to return home. In 2013 that number was 93. The largest increase of those sent home has been seen with beggars from Romania.Between 2010 and June of 2014, the Gothenburg paid to send home 135 Romanians. Norwegians came in second place, with 35 getting a free ticket home, and Bulgaria came in third with 23 beggars sent home.

The police in Gothenburg suspect the begging is organised, however that doesn’t make it a crime. There’s a difference if relatives are collaborating or if someone forces poor people to beg and then takes the money.

Several cases of human trafficking have been revealed in Stockholm where people have been brought to Sweden by criminal networks. Disabled people and children are in special demand by the networks.

The Gothenburg police have not been able to clarify if there is someone in the background making money from the beggars in the city.

In contrast the hotels are nice, comfortable and the staff ultra polite. The food is good, heavily fish-based. The affluence is obvious with hotels like the excellent Clarion Post having expensive Japanese Sushi restaurants. In the square one must avoid the trams if not the beggars as they take no prisoners and seemingly come from all directions. There is also an amusing angle with the emphasis in Sweden on living healthily, and thousands of bicycles in the square, but with some sponsored by burger companies. This seems a good city of not an exciting one.



phxoto 2 photo x5 phot o 3

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