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Reflections on Norway and Lovely Free Wifi

Norway has to be one of the most civilised countries. Having been here only two days I have yet to find anyone who is anything less than polite and helpful. Anyone who serves you with food and drink has all the attitude you need and none of that surly dont care stuff either. The food is fresh and simple. Lots of nice bread, fruit and fish. Flying on Norwegian Airlines ( in Row 30 I should add economy cheap class), there was free wifi on the plane above 10,000 feet. Taxi drivers smile and are helpful. People are intelligent and interesting. Admittedly this place is not so cheap.  Something like 8£ for a hot dog at the airport, but it did come with mashed potato, relish and a decent bread roll.  In short I like this place.

Wifi if it is free at 10,000 feet and free in the airport and free in all hotels. Why Marriott hotels and others is it not free in UK? Explain to me also why all airlines cannot offer free in-flight wifi?


Refettorio Restaurant Milan. Going to Milan? Go there!

One of the best meals I had for a long time was in a restaurant in the suburbs of Milan called


Via Dell’Orso, 2, 20122 Milan, Italy

There was no menu, although it became apparent after a while that there were maybe 3 menus on offer. The 30 euro menu, a 20 euro menu and maybe a 18 euro menu. We had the largest menu. Food and wine were superb. Nothing was less than 100% here.  You may ask what was the menu? Well let me try and describe what we had.

  1. Bowl of salad and separate bowl of mozzarella on the table with oil and excellent bread. We presumed this was the starter. Wrong
  2. Slices of thinly cut veal with a sauce maybe like thousands island? Starter? Wrong again
  3. Dessert type dish full of cold rice salad.
  4. Dinner plate full of excellent risotto, cheese and tomato sauce. At this stage we all asked if this was our main course. All food was excellent but we were getting a little embarassed that we could not finish any of our dishes.
  5. Spaghetti Bolognese. Again excellent.
  6. Chicken and vegetables. Main course! Wrong. This was one of two main courses! We at this stage said enough……we give in…….no fish main course please……
  7. Ice Cream

Wine was also excellent and I could have been fooled into thinking it was a claret.


Start a petition to get decent Magnum Ice Creams in UK. Magnum 5 kisses.

Every country one goes to has better ice creams than UK. Spain has so many different and better ice cream choices, and now too Portugal. Why can Portugal have some delicious looking Magnums not available in UK? Who makes these cruel and unprecedented decisions? Do they  all have cold arctic souls!

magnum kisses

magnum kisses

The price of Ice Cream

Walking along the small high street of a surrey town I happened to glance in at a cafe shop that recently started up, selling mainly coffee, cake and a few other items. Few tables outside on the pavement and looks overall quite nice. What however caught my eye was the price of a single scoop of ice cream or ” italian gelato” as it was described, a single scoop was £2.21.  When did this happen? Recently Iceland were selling huge packs of white Magnums for 4£ and that got you I recall at least 8. A huge 2 litre tub of a nice ice cream like Kelly’s cornish can often be got on special offer for as little as 2£. Crazy pricing. Let me know the most expensive scoop of ice cream that you know of, outside of central London or other touristy areas.

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