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River Wey at Pyrford Lock

A nice location and a splendid place to walk. Even better with the good company of the ODG Wolf. Better known as DOG.

The Anchor pub sits right at Pyrford Lock with a fierce weir around half a mile downstream. 

You can mostly walk on both sides of the river however on the right side when walking away from the pub past the golf course there are a few private areas. 

Next to the Weir is an area of the river known for its dragonflies. 

The Swans of Painshill Park

They look like they are asking for passport photos to be done and posing. Surpringly calm and no hissing at me for comeing quite close to them. Taken with a 100mm Canon EF Macro lens.


Swedish Food Photos and Reflections

In general terms the food is superb if rather expensive. Many meals are fish based with excellent quality and also good sized portions compared to some of the anorexic fish that get deported to UK. On the other hand they like their ” bad food” too and many good burger restaurants and suchlike exist, including one that smells at you as you arrive at the airport and clear baggage hall. What however is striking is that the food in the airports is excellent. Take Landvetter airport in Gothenburg, a small airport really but the quality and choice of the foods puts Heathrow to shame. If you are a cake lover then allow yourself an hour and 1000 calories to indulge before your flight. Some of the food combinations also make novel cuisine. Take the combination of cod and chicken in a gravy that i was served at Clarion Post hotel. Excellent and the combination works.

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World Food Photos. Like food, like photographs of food

Just a various eclectic mix of food photos taken in various locations. Nothing special. Just enjoy and be hungry.

phboto 1

Coconut Tart

Coconut Tart

CourgettesCustard Cream. Copyright Chris BusheCottage Pie. Smallest and worst cottage pie in the world. served Dalmahoy MarriottSea BassChicken and Asparagus, with courgettes and roast potatoesOrange and Arctic char with an "air"Pan Fried Cod and Broccolipbbhotophotod 5Nonsuch Park CafeNonsuch Park CafeBoat BreadNonsuch Park CafeGhost AlePineappleCopyright Chris BusheSri Lankan FruitCopyright Chris BusheSri Lankan FruitCopyright Chris BusheHerb Crusted Chicken Breast. A rarity .Copyright Chris BusheChicken and Asparagus. Copyright Chris BusheBanana and Coconut Tart. Copyright Chris Bushe 2014image

Sliders and Beef Wellingtons

Sliders and Beef Wellingtons

photo 1

The Best Alien Bookmark in the world

IMG_1530 copy

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