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The Swans of Painshill Park

They look like they are asking for passport photos to be done and posing. Surpringly calm and no hissing at me for comeing quite close to them. Taken with a 100mm Canon EF Macro lens.


Painshill Park

Always a photographic pleasure and never a photographic chore. Some days even the swans pose in a polite manner. The wind does not annoyingly blow the grapes around and the sun might shine. Not every day but just sometimes. Anyone with a camera should venture to Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey.


Make your mind up Vines. Red or White Grapes? Painshill Vineyards Surrey


Vines growing in October 2015 at Painshill Park Cobham Surrey


Vines growing in October 2015 at Painshill Park Cobham Surrey


Posing swan

The SwanTortionist at Painshill Park Cobham

A curious swan behaving like he had ADHD and not keeping still. Quite a contortionist.

IMG_3335cIMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 swan

Cygnets and Swans Painshill Park Cobham


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