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Sutton 1 Havant and Waterlooville 1

I do try and be positive about football particularly as it costs good money to get in, in fact this game cost 12£ to get in ( only 2£ for children), 2.50£ for a programme ( not really worth it, full of adverts and little real information or news) and 3£ for a burger. But this really was one of the worst football games that I have seen for some while. Let me try and itemise my grief:

  1. Many/most of the players did  not look fully fit. Some looked considerably unfit and overweight.
  2. The style of both teams was kick and run, followed by kick and dont bother to run. There were significant areas of the pitch that were unused all game
  3. Both goals were of a shabby kind. The own goal scored by Sutton was patently ridiculous. The keeper could and should ( and maybe did) call for the ball, instead the centre half seemingly made a decent finish in his own net. The sutton goal was kind of ridiculous. The ball ricocheted around in the box, hitting random players and the posts and eventually somehow went in.
  4. Neither team tried to play football as I know it

In fact this game was one of the most dire games I have seen for many years. Even at this early stage of the season I can confidently predict that both these teams will be at the wrong end of the table.

On the positive side though, this is a great little ground to watch football in but it does help if you a Sat Nav to help you meander your way to the toilets. They are complex to find. Worth a visit, but maybe on a different day. I will come back later this season and see whats changed.

Clarke Masters, Havant goalkeeper. Ex Brentford

Sutton Goalkeeper

Missed the ball


Woking 1 Dartford 0

A top of the table clash in blue Square south meant a choice of game today was easy with Brentford not playing till monday night. Decent crowd of 2500 saw a tought game played mostly in drizzle but occasional downpours made conditions less than perfect. Woking is a nice place to watch a game. Entry is 12£, food is decent, certainly echelons above the rubbish served at Brentford. The last time I saw woking was the opening day of this season when they beat Sutton 5-0 at Sutton and it could have been far more, since then Woking have led the table and before todays game were 11 points clear of Dartford.

Woking scored early with a header from Trevor Inns and then mostly hung onto the lead. Dartford had a goal disaalowed for offside and contrived to miss at least 3 easy chances in the second half including missing ( well, hitting the post) when the keeper had been rounded. Both teams were actually good. Dartford played with more effort and were more physical, and maybe Woking had a little more style and skill. There would be no great surprise if Dartford also gained promotion and i would guess neither side would be the worst in the conference. The best player on the pitch was Kevin Betsy, who was making his second ( at least) debut for Woking. Good work rate, skilful. I have never been quite sure why he never made it at higher levels for any length of time and most recently was at Wycombe, maybe he is their loss?

Goal for Woking

Action Woking v Dartford


Rain at Kingfield



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