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Gander Green Lane . The Sutton United Football Experience 

As a regular watcher of nonleague football to watch Sutton v Cheltenham in the FA cup second round seemed a reasonable option. Did I enjoy the whole experience? Not really. What went wrong?

Admission was a reasonable £15 and £2.50 bought a fairly average programme mostly full of adverts. 

Sitting in the main stand was not an option as seems all the seats quite reasonably had been ticketed. 

On first sight the ground is an attractive one tucked away about a mile from the town centre and seemingly inserted between park lands on one side and residential housing on the other.  To some extent the ground is covered on each of the four sides. So what went wrong? 

Firstly the standard of the game was poor with one hardly realising that Cheltenham were a professional league two side managed by Gary Johnson who once very successfully managed Latvia. 

Secondly there are huge gaps between the stands and the pitch edge, although some could stand pitchside, but again a huge gap between the pitch side and the actual pitch. This all contributed to far less of an atmosphere than when fans are close to the action. Some of these photographs might convey this large gap. 

Thirdly there were such limited catering and toilet facilities for the crowd of 2200 that if either were needed a long queue was mandatory. I counted around 30 people queuing around 10 minutes before half time at each of the outlets in the Sutton fans section. Without doubt more outlets were needed and Sutton missed out on greater takings. 

Perhaps the most worrying aspect were many of the young fans not even watching the game in the second half and kicking balloons to each other and on benches outside the closed club shop. 

All in all this is a ground I would not rush to return to. 

Football in Black and White. 

Images of football especially of the terraces. When viewed in black and white they can give the impression of football 100 years ago.

Football Photographs From Sutton United 2 Cheltenham 1 . Second round FA cup 2016

Sutton 1 Havant and Waterlooville 1

I do try and be positive about football particularly as it costs good money to get in, in fact this game cost 12£ to get in ( only 2£ for children), 2.50£ for a programme ( not really worth it, full of adverts and little real information or news) and 3£ for a burger. But this really was one of the worst football games that I have seen for some while. Let me try and itemise my grief:

  1. Many/most of the players did  not look fully fit. Some looked considerably unfit and overweight.
  2. The style of both teams was kick and run, followed by kick and dont bother to run. There were significant areas of the pitch that were unused all game
  3. Both goals were of a shabby kind. The own goal scored by Sutton was patently ridiculous. The keeper could and should ( and maybe did) call for the ball, instead the centre half seemingly made a decent finish in his own net. The sutton goal was kind of ridiculous. The ball ricocheted around in the box, hitting random players and the posts and eventually somehow went in.
  4. Neither team tried to play football as I know it

In fact this game was one of the most dire games I have seen for many years. Even at this early stage of the season I can confidently predict that both these teams will be at the wrong end of the table.

On the positive side though, this is a great little ground to watch football in but it does help if you a Sat Nav to help you meander your way to the toilets. They are complex to find. Worth a visit, but maybe on a different day. I will come back later this season and see whats changed.

Clarke Masters, Havant goalkeeper. Ex Brentford

Sutton Goalkeeper

Missed the ball


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