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A Thankyou to Chris Kamara

All Bees fans of an age will recall the hard working and hard tackling midfielder that Chris Kamara was.

It was nice to see him yesterday back at Griffin Park. As he walked along the New Road pitchside pre game he took the time to pose with fans for selfies, sign autographs and generally engage with everyone who wanted to say hello. No airs and graces just nice normal behaviours. He should be really respected for this as clearly also was heading off to work for the media up in the gantry.

Sometimes we just need to report the good stuff in football and not only the negative things. Chris Kamara you are a gentleman

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4 thoughts on “A Thankyou to Chris Kamara

  1. HerzyBee on said:

    Bowles, Kamara,Hurlock….our best midfield ever? Always good to see an ex player and favourite

  2. iamthesunking on said:

    I never knew he was ex-Brentford.

  3. James doyle on said:


    Unbelievable Jeff

  4. Michael on said:

    Even though he played more games for Brentford than any other team it rarely appears on his resume. I often wonder why.

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