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A Personal Bees Prediction after 0-0 Wolves

This season is not going well. Let’s be realistic . We have two points from 5 games and no striking chance of a win until possibly the end of September. Far from chasing promotion we look a potential relegation side.

We have scored goals in only 2 of the 5 games and although the football has looked good at times in terms of end results it has not been.

Will we improve? Sure. We are not on paper a relegation side but we need to find our best permutations in midfield and defence.

Will we get into the play offs? Personally I think no chance.

My main concerns are that personally I am unconvinced by Dean Smith. I am also convinced that Yennaris is neither captaincy material nor even worth a place in the side.

Maupay will come very good with better service and Woods will help us a lot.

My prediction is Bees will finish in 15th place .

Did we do ok yesterday against Wolves? It was pleasing to keep a clean sheet. The defence was better. Midfield was average and we need Jota to commit to stay or go. But we cannot be happy with a statistic of zero wins in 5 games including 3 at home.

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4 thoughts on “A Personal Bees Prediction after 0-0 Wolves

  1. Slabber on said:

    Yennaris- or a hard working tough tackler (in the absence of Macca) has to play if we are to indulge the undoubted talents but pitiful tackling of Sawyers. At the moment Nicole fits the bill. I dread to think what would happen if there wasn’t his kind of toughness available.

  2. We have brought players in and they need to jell together
    Looking forward to when they do

  3. iamthesunking on said:

    Jota was in a really bad mood when he came off the pitch. I must say I have barely noticed him this season & struggle to remember if he was even playing in certain games. What’s happened to the old Jota magic? ✨

  4. Nobby Smith on said:

    Agree that Dean Smith does not appear to know what he is doing. He’s neTly up to his second anniversary and he has yet to show (me at least) that he can take us above the level that Mark Warburton had us at before the computer says yes “fiasco”. Defence is poor although defenders are good. Midfield does not seem to know what ut us supposed to be doing and the lack if goal is a real concern – I do not believe the QOR result is relevant to thus issue.

    How long are things left before a change is made? Can anyone also explain simply why Smith was given a contract extension last season? What had he done (at that stage or indeed to date) to suggest that he was the saviour who knew where the promise Jane was, let alone be capable of leading us there?

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