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Basingstoke Football Club for sale on EBay … is it worth only 100 burgers? 

One of the more bizarre football stories this last week. Basingstoke need new investment as the chairman and investor is stepping down at the season end. The club who play in the Southern Premier division have debts of 2 million pounds. To enlighten the world about their being on sale they have placed an advert on EBay. Worryingly after 9 bids the highest offer is £285. Valueing the club at around 100 burgers. Apparently Tranmere did this a while back. ebay


My question is not relating to the sanity of selling a football club on eBay but more to how they have got 2 million in debt? This seems fairly poor planning. This equates roughly to needing £4000 from each of their 500 supporters who make up the usual crowd size . 

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