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The Grapes Of Painshill Park

Not so many people know that Painshill Park has an excellent vineyard that has been making wine and more recently sparkling wine having been restored in 1992 but was in its prime from 1740-1812. 0000607900006080

Two and a half acres were replanted with the Pinot Noir cultivar planted by Hon. Charles Hamilton in the 18th century, plus Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc hybrids – to reproduce Hamilton’s Painshill Sparkling Wine including a sparkling Rose. The first full crop of wine was harvested back in 1998. The wine can be purchased from the shop at Painshill Park.


2016 has been an interesting year for grape growing and should there be a decent rainfall in the next few weeks will lead to a good harvest, but as you can see the grapes currently as of September 2016 are not yet ready for picking with some considerable variation in grape size.



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