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Swindon Town Statement Over Suspension of Three Players

Seems they have suspended three players but are not making any more information available currently. The players involved are:

  1. Drissa Traore. A 24 year old Ivorian. He signed for Swindon in the summer of 2015 and has played at junior levels for France. He has made 26 appearances in league and cup in 2015-16 without scoring.
  2. Jeremy Balmy. A 21 year old French midfielder who had made 14 league and cup appearances in 2015-16 without scoring.
  3. Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill. A 20 year old English wing back signed from Arsenal in summer 2015 .

They state that they are conducting an internal investigation into the players recent conduct and will not be considered for selection. No further information will be given until that investigation is complete.

Reports in the media though already suggest that the players inhaled nitrous oxide in a video live on social media via balloons on wednesday 6th April. It is reported that between 2006-2012 there were 17 deaths in the UK after taking nitrous oxide.  Raheem Sterling ( Liverpool and England) was allegedly pictured taking nitrous oxide in 2015.


Michael Doughty Scoring For Swindon in their 4-1 victory at Colchester

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