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England Euro 2016 Song? Might have found one. Lions by Carl Olander

All successful football teams need a song behind them and England will need all they can get at Euro 2016. A random song, but a great one, called Lions by a band fronted by Carl Olander, who happens to be Swedish from Gothenburg. Enjoy

See what you think and spread the word!

I did a short blog on the band also here with links to their Soundcloud songs.



Carl Olander. A Singer and Guitarist To Be Reckoned With

Carl Olander is  a Singer songwriter born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Moved to London 2013 to pursue music. His band was created 2014 and is a trio of Carl as the front person on guitar and vocals together with Joel Tavares on vocals and keys and Lucas Vezirian on bass and Niccolo Rebecchi on drums and Marco Casaluce on electric guitar. They have done over 200 shows around London and UK and have done a headline London tour last fall 2015. In 2016 they are doing a number of gigs and were  in Italy in Parma on a 7 days tour at the beginning of april.

They have just released their first video for their single of the  upcoming EP called Lions

Lions is a song that hits you straight away as being melodic, interesting and with a novel vocal style. The voice although being unmistakably Swedish at times the intonation is almost reggae like. The song is great and the video is simple and interesting to watch.

There are many new bands out there at the moment but this is one to listen to as they offer something new and different, music with no nonsense. I am never sure to ascribe a style to a band is either helpful or correct, as many bands cross many boundaries, but if had to put them in a genre it would be the curious one of Folk/Indie. But undoubtedly it is an interesting voice singing interesting songs and this band should go far. You can compare singers endlessly but the voice is on a par if not superior to voices like Mumford and sons, and that is no exaggeration.

Their music can be found on Soundcloud.

The video is on YouTube. And you can also find two live versions of songs on Spotify.

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