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Novustory -A New Band Worth Listening To

A random few minutes listening to a random post on Facebook from a band asking for support for a tour has really impressed me. Let me start with the music. I love the music. The songs are all a little different and the vocals are quite haunting in a good way. My only question and comment is why no bassist? But as an ex-drummer I would say that. A couple of things

  1. They are students with part-time jobs and they put together £3500 to record an EP
  2. They are asking for sponsorship to do a tour in UK and France.
  3. They have put a ten minute video out explaining why they want the money and where they have come from ( although with a few editing cuts it might be a 4 minute video!) with their music playing in the background.

This is their story they posted. What they need are pledges for even small amounts of money. Yes even £1 is enough. 

The music is raw and entertaining and leaves you certainly wanting to see them live and hear more songs.  Enjoy

Links you might need

But all you really need to know and hear is on their website

You can listen to their songs but if you listen only to one listen to


I hope to shoot one of their gigs soon so may be back with decent images for you of a gig. But if you feel kind and want to pledge a few pounds that would be great!






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2 thoughts on “Novustory -A New Band Worth Listening To

  1. These kids are professionals! Love it! Went to the Reverbnation site. Why does the best music always seem to come out of Manchester!?

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