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Rubber Duc. This band could be massive in 2015. You heard it here first.

One of the biggest musical finds for me in 2014 was Rubber Duc. A South African trio whose members are:

Nick Jordaan – Vocals, Guitar, High-hat

Brendan Campbell – Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Kick

Sheldon Sham – Saxophone, Percussion

I found them thanks to my daughter working out in South Africa. The first discovery was that they have 3 songs on Spotify. And of course You Tube videos. Their musical genre really means or meant nothing to me “ folk swing”. They are relatively new launched in 2013. The songs have great lyrics and meaningful ones at that.

The most recent single has a great video . It’s Alright

‘It’s Alright’ is about the beauty and freedom of individualism. Whether you are rich, poor, crazy, sane, quiet, loud, shy, a couch potato, an intrepid explorer, all about the treble or all about the bass, it’s alright to be who…

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