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Concern over Breast Cancer Charity Value

We all would like to rid the world of cancer and most of us donate to some forms of cancer charity. Marie Cure and Cancer Research Uk are amongst usual options. I am slightly troubled by the constant flow of plastic envelopes through the door collecting clothes etc for charity. A quick look at the front cover says ” Recycling in support of AGAINST BREAST CANCER”.  We are then asked to donate our unwanted clothes. This would be instead of going down to the high street to donate to any number of charity shops there. The registered charity number is 1121258. All looks an option. Turning the envelope over there is another more troubling story. “Recycling clothes company Ltd, will donate £75 to AGAINST BREAST CANCER  per tonne of goods received”

A quick search as to how much exactly a tonne is,finds this.

The number of tons a car weighs, depends on the size of the car. Compact cars can weigh from one ton to one and a half tons, while SUV’s can weigh upwards of 2 and a half tons

So donating clothes, which is what this company actually want, will donate 75£ for a ton of clothes, the weight of an average compact car. Does it not seem that if that amount of clothes were donated directly to the charity shop, the amount raised would be considerably in excess of £75.

I leave it to you to judge. My preference would be to give clothes and donations directly to the charity shops in the high streets.

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2 thoughts on “Concern over Breast Cancer Charity Value

  1. Ellie Chandler on said:

    Just received one of these envelopes with collection tomorrow. Just in process of sorting through to find donations.
    Think I will let it go and give my donations to BHF or Cancer Research.
    Thanks for the help.

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