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Teenage Cancer Trust and Suede

A few times one feels really privileged to be somewhere and last night at Royal Albert Hall was one such time. Suede playing a concert for Teenage Cancer Trust. The two priviliedges were learning about Teenage Cancer Trust, a trust that does what it says. Looks after teenagers with various forms of cancer and they need this. And hearing Suede do essentially two sets. The first set was Dogmanstar delivered in a a respectful way, followed by a separate concert of the multiplicity of Suede songs. The place rocked and folks enjoyed every note. The best concert I have been to? Almost, Suede in Paradiso last November wins that one. If you have a few minutes go and look at the Teenage Cancer trust website, and learn about what goes on behind the scenes and then imagine if your teenager needed that help, then donate, please.



Peregrine Falcon eating a chick.Copyright chris Bushe

Peregrine Falcon eating a chick.Copyright chris Bushe


Walton Casuals 2 Sittingbourne 3

Great game in the sun and some priceless expressions on the faces too. An amazing goal line clearance, penalty, decent saves, decent headers. Enjoy. And share please!

IMG_7191PenaltyIMG_7241IMG_7147Goal line clearanceIMG_7177AdmirationIMG_7148IMG_7155IMG_7159IMG_7189 IMG_7191 IMG_7192 IMG_7214

Curious Rude Football Shorts

What exactly was the number 16 for Sittingbourne thinking?  Entertainment of all kinds at Walton Casuals v Sittingbourne


Great Goal Line Clearance Walton Casuals

Goal line clearance

Harry Styles Sketch and One Direction. Which is your favourite?

The 13 year old has finished her work and allowed me to photograph the final output.  Which is your favourite image? Please vote and forward this on. 

Ghost HS image IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7123z IMG_7124 IMG_7124v IMG_7124vv IMG_7131 IMG_7138 IMG_7140 IMG_7140c IMG_7141

The Devil in the Marshalsea

I rarely read the saturday review section of The Times. Today for a first for many reasons including an excellent book review of a book due out March 27th by Antonia Hodgson ” The Devil in the Marshalsea”. Amazon was visited and by 9.29 am the book had been ordered. What fascinated me was the topic of the book which is a story around a debtors prison in London in 1727. London then was ( and still is) a cruel place with institutions such as Newgate Jail and Bedlam operating at full capacity to lock those up whom we might treat today with some tolerance or pity even. These places were real then. The cruelty, the fraud, the back room conspiracies and the backhanders. Much of this sounds like what we might read in our papers in the news sections today. Not a lot has changed really.

There are a whole series of books based  on “faction” that cover the history of the middle ages and later, C J  Sansome is an example writing about Matthew Shardlake. Clearly there is an admixture of fact, learning,speculation and fiction, but broadly these books bring to live how life must have been for those in trouble in the 18th century and before.

Lets wait for March 27th and see if my impulsive purchase was a good option or not. I expect it is

Harry Styles – A Sketch

The 13 year old “artist-in-waiting” delayed completing her homework until 11pm tonight as was working on this sketch of the One Direction idol, Harry Styles. Although apparently not quite finished lets have a look at how it is shaping up. Enjoy and Share please.


London City Airport on balance is not too shabby but food is Uber expensive

Travelling regularly I now often try to use City airport rather than Heathrow. It is a small airport on the Docklands Light Railway and when full is a little uncomfortable. However travel times through the airport seem quicker, although fog can cause more chaos than at larger airports. The one aspect I do not like though are the incredible prices for food. This is an airport not a gourmet restaurant. Meals are effectively eaten in the corridors. Despite this main courses rise to £30 for quite mediocre type dishes. Not reasonable, not fair, not worth it.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Lives Here

The Stieg Larsson trilogy are some of the best books ever written. The main female character Liz Salander manages to become endearing and likeable despite some dubious personality traits. Recently in Stockholm I asked where she lived in the fictional story. These photos were taken in the general area and give some idea of the locality. Next time for me it will be one of the tours of all the places in the book. Strange but true.

imageb imapge inmage immage

Jupiter making friends with the Moon

Clear sky tonight. Jupiter is sitting close to the moon.



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