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The Devil in the Marshalsea

I rarely read the saturday review section of The Times. Today for a first for many reasons including an excellent book review of a book due out March 27th by Antonia Hodgson ” The Devil in the Marshalsea”. Amazon was visited and by 9.29 am the book had been ordered. What fascinated me was the topic of the book which is a story around a debtors prison in London in 1727. London then was ( and still is) a cruel place with institutions such as Newgate Jail and Bedlam operating at full capacity to lock those up whom we might treat today with some tolerance or pity even. These places were real then. The cruelty, the fraud, the back room conspiracies and the backhanders. Much of this sounds like what we might read in our papers in the news sections today. Not a lot has changed really.

There are a whole series of books based ¬†on “faction” that cover the history of the middle ages and later, C J ¬†Sansome is an example writing about Matthew Shardlake. Clearly there is an admixture of fact, learning,speculation and fiction, but broadly these books bring to live how life must have been for those in trouble in the 18th century and before.

Lets wait for March 27th and see if my impulsive purchase was a good option or not. I expect it is

Murder in kingston on thames

Just by chance sitting at the computer ordering Elena’s birthday presents very conveniently from Amazon. Selection of books and Lego. Her request! Elena was off school monday as she came back from Windmill hill the PGL place with cough and cold etc but is fine today. she has her entrance exam for Nonsuch school on thursday! Poor things exams at 10 years old to get into a school. Seems like all the good state schools here have about 1500 applicants for maybe 150 places, so not good odds. I am off to Berlin tomorrow for 3 days to present some data at a congress with my friend, the nurse from Manchester, john, who always gets me to smoke cigars! He is the one who eats 48 oz steaks and is already enquiring about steaks in Berlin. Have a busy time over next few weeks, have 2 days in Paris, 3 days in slovenia, 4 days in toronto and 4 days in indianapolis, and holiday over half term!
one interesting thing happened today. I took /elena to her tutoring after school and we passed a house all covered in police tape like a crime scene on the way into Kingston near the infamous Cambridge estate. Seems that there was a murder there last night. Lovely area this, bit like Mexico!! elena ( the 10 yr old for those who dont know her, think a younger version of hannah montana in terms of attitude and maybe singing ability too) informed me that they are doing forensic science at school. that would make an interesting school trip to a real murder scene. Information all care of Radio Jackie tweets! am off to Berlin in the morning so not much on here till the weekend.
seems an interesting game at wycombe tonight, wycombe 3 Preston 4. Preston will go up as champions of League 1 you heard it first, and Brentford will be in play-offs and we all know what will happen then………….

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