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Painting of Motspur Park by Vincent Van B

Painting of Motspur Park

Absolute Vodka Vanilla. What to do when the bottle is empty?


Flooding at Painshill Park Cobham

For those who have never been there this is an amazing park for walks in all seasons.  Flooding has however taken its toll on some of the land. In all but one of these photos there should be no water at all.

IMG_6814 IMG_6825 IMG_6826 IMG_6838 IMG_6860 IMG_6864 IMG_6865

Wild Crocus in Garden

This is the time of year when we discover what re-organisation the squirrels have done to the various bulbs and plants in the garden. There are always plenty of wild bluebells, a few daffodils and it seems a number of crocuses. Today the sun was out and the crocus selection looked like it would get trampled by cats, foxes and maybe myself, so a decision was made to bring some indoors.

IMG_6789 IMG_6790 IMG_6804

Tooting 0 Sittingbourne 0

Decent game and end to end despite what the score suggests. The pitch was in extremely good condition and judging by the water being pumped out into the car park and hence into the drains, there is a good under pitch drainage system. Shame only 200 turned up to watch.

IMG_6706 IMG_6710 IMG_6720 IMG_6734 IMG_6741 IMG_6742 IMG_6744 copy IMG_6747 IMG_6761 IMG_6765 IMG_6779 IMG_6783 IMG_6787

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