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The Penalty for Parking in McDonalds Brentford

Anyone who goes shopping cannot have failed to notice that yellow signs with little writing are appearing, even growing, all over the place in car parks. On close inspection, sometimes with the hubble telescope, it becomes clear that to park for longer than 90-120 minutes seems a crime punishable by death. In fact cameras observe every move of every car but are interested in fact when the cars do not move. In general terms if you park for more than 90-120 minutes you can expect a hefty fine of £100 or more.

This is the case at McDonalds at Brentford, home last week of the excellent Festive burger. Not entirely sure what was festive about the burger, but it was large and had nice sauces and some guilt removing salad inside. While standing outside however I was somewhat astonished to see the bank of cameras covering the small car park. Seemed like I had wandered into Jodrell Bank. I actually have no objection to them doing this, designed to stop football fans parking and cluttering up their car park, but maybe the fines are disproportionately high and the numbers of cameras somewhat excessive. How many might they have in McDonalds North Korea?

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