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Hereford United. Please read this and support . Great effort by fans

Hereford are famous for many things including FA cup wins when non-league. They have been a league club for many years and then fell into the conference a few years ago. They now find themselves in desperate straights. A decent club in an area with a small catchment so crowds rarely were over 3-4,000 even when gaining promotion to league one.

Today by voluntarily asking fans to pay extra and season ticket holders to pay 10£, they have raised £6,711 at the home game today and £3000 in the 24 hours before that from fans. They need to find 35K in the next 14 days to pay a PAYE bill.  The good news though is that they beat Cambridge United 1-0 today in that game.

Donations can be made here


Average crowds have been falling also over the last few years:

  • 2012-13  1793
  • 2011-12   2553
  • 2010-11  2516
  • 2009-10  2138
  • 2008-09  3421

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