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Reflections on Vienna

In summary I really like this city. Although have not seen a great deal of the buildings or architecture, the people are nice, the ambience is warm and importantly the wine is superb. Dinner in a venue like below is not done that often.  The food is interesting and relies on veal, either served in small burgers or as Weiner Schnitzel. The streets are complex to cross to avoid meeting trams coming head on but unlike in Milan the aim of the tram is not to hit you but preferably miss you. I shall return.

Dinner Venue Vienna

Dinner Venue Vienna

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One thought on “Reflections on Vienna

  1. Jolanta Salburg on said:

    I told you before that I can show you Vienna is a very nice way. August meeting? You should come a day before… There is a lot to see… And you have invitation to visit my place as well. J

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