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Vienna is a Black and White place. The power of BW photography

Sometimes black and white photography conveys far more a meaningful resemblance of a city than colour. Sometimes not.

In winter Vienna is cold and often a wet place. A few photographs that attempt to convey what Vienna in November is.

If You Ever Wondered Where Narnia Was Filmed. Maybe Stadtpark in Vienna?

A bitterly cold day in Stadtpark Vienna. Even though the temperature was marginally warmer at minus 6 it felt far warmer than minus 7 in the dark last night. 

Few people ventured into the park. The ducks huddked together in the small areas of unfrozen lakes and river. The Wienfluss, Vienna River, divided in theory the park into sections however it was not always easy to discern frozen water from frozen grass. No little cafe shops were open. The pathways were slippery with ice and frozen leaves. 

The views reminded me of Narnia . Just bleak. A variety of signs advertised prohibition of anything pleasureable. No dogs. No football. 

I have never been to Moscow but this is how I envisage Moscow might look and feel. Even Bruckner looked cold. The leaves on the ground looked like they were there under duress. The graffiti art was the only brightening feature looking a little out of place. 

Reflections on Vienna

In summary I really like this city. Although have not seen a great deal of the buildings or architecture, the people are nice, the ambience is warm and importantly the wine is superb. Dinner in a venue like below is not done that often.  The food is interesting and relies on veal, either served in small burgers or as Weiner Schnitzel. The streets are complex to cross to avoid meeting trams coming head on but unlike in Milan the aim of the tram is not to hit you but preferably miss you. I shall return.

Dinner Venue Vienna

Dinner Venue Vienna

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