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Tricycle Theatre Kilburn

A discovery made today that excellent theatres exist outside of main London Town. We were invited to the tricycle theatre by some friends to see Arabian Nights and thoroughly loved the experience. Firstly  the theatre is easily accessible in Kilburn, either the underground will get you there or the Overground to Brondesbury. Secondly a nice bar for a pre-show drink ( not cheap though 10£ for 2 glasses of wine). Thirdly an amazing theatre that seats 235 folks looking like it is made out of scaffolding. The play itself was superb. This is a place to be visited again. Acting was very good in a complicated play that requires actors to play 2-3 parts each.

Kilburn itself, to the novice , is full of nice places to eat and drink. We chose Ariana’s, an Afghan restaurant in Kilburn road and for an excellent meal paid 76£ for 6 people eating ( no alcohol allowed but no corkage if you bring your own). Afghan food? Well to me it was rather like Turkish food, with emphasis on Lamb and kebabs.


For all details about the theatre that I cannot recall.

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